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Social Media World Domination 

Between the Victoria’s Secret angels and the Victoria’s Secret brand there are over 250M social media followers...that’s world domination in any sense of socail media. The angels are some of the most known models in the world. Not only are the models well known, every year the show brings in the some of hottest artists of the moment. And of course, celebrities.

It’s a huge opportunity for brands to get in the mix. While the Victoria’s Secret brand sponsors the entire show you don’t see any additional on air sponsorships and slim-to-none behind the scenes. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses how one brand won big time, receiving behind the scenes usage and Victoria Secret Fashion Show celebrity endorsement. 

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We Just Got Beach Waved

We’ve watched the show and didn’t see much on-air exposure for any brands besides VS. But one brand in particular figured out an amazing way to market themselves not only in this year’s fashion show but in previous ones as well. Every girl that watches the fashion show sees beautiful women with great hair and immediately during or after the show they find themselves inspired and googling “How to get Victoria’s Secret Beach Waves”.

BeachWaver- Hollywood Branded.png

And a short Google away... they find the Beachwaver and all the content tied to Victoria’s Secret and them being “the official hair tool of Victoria's Secret fashion show”.  Which has them immediately thinking, "This is it! My key to great hair." And the next thing they do... is click away and purchase the beach curler.

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What's The Beachwaver?

The Beachwaver was founded in 2010 by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa. She has styled hair for the covers of magazines, movie premieres, ad campaigns, celebrities, and even styled the President. After continually explaining the complex process to get beachy waves to editors, Sarah thought that there must be an easier way.

So, she sat down and sketched the idea for the Beachwaver, the first ever rotating curling iron. She then dedicated the next two years to research and development. In early 2012, the team launched the Beachwaver PRO. The response was immediate and the Beachwaver PRO quickly became the editors’ favorite, stylists’ go-to, and the savior for everyday women!

With a vision to teach all women how to style their hair like a celebrity, The Beachwaver  team continues to grow their line of innovative, award winning, and easy to use hair tools. 

At :54 in this video uploaded to the Victoria's Secret YouTube their lead hair stylist, Anthony Turner talks about them using the Beachwaver.

The Influencers Who Use It

Victoria’s Secret showed girls such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner using the waver, some of the most influential woman in the fashion and beauty scene at this time. Not only did they get millions of eyeballs on their product, being one of the only brands featured AT ALL as part of the event makes the integration super organic (which we write about the importance of in the blog) on all social platforms.
Kendall Jenner- BeachWaver HollywoodBranded.gifVictoria's Secret Beach Waver Hollywood Branded Useage.png
Victoria's Secret BeachWaver Hollywood Branded.png

They Beach Waved

Beachwaver had the exposure on the VS platforms. But they also had GREAT PR. Publications like People magazine posted the video of the models using the product.

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Days leading up to the event Beachwaver uploaded YouTube Videos titled “Hot to get VS beachwaves” knowing that as people are finishing watching the show they will be feeling inspired by the looks they just witnessed.Beachwaver YouTube Page Victoria's Secret Hollywood Branded.png

That's All She Curled

The on-air fashion show is such a large event without much branding. But as you can see from the examples of this integration that with the right product, it IS doable. Just see for yourself! Happy watching!

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