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Pala Casino Resort and Spa Case Study

We love working on influencer campaigns - despite the fact that it is often very similar to the process of herding cats.  Influencers are not always so on top of it, and it can take some extreme levels of management to get from the start of a project to the end. 

This last summer, Hollywood Branded was hired by Pala Casino Resort and Spa to help organize and facilitate an on-site influencer event to reach a younger consumer, and help showcase the resort and all it has to offer. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares insights to our recent influencer marketing case study for Pala Casino Resort and Spa.

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The Challenge

Due to Pala Casino Resort and Spa’s aging customer base, their marketing team wanted to find out a way to effectively target and spark interest in their prospective younger consumer base. Additionally, Pala Casino Resort and Spa wanted to attain high quality content that can be repurposed for future marketing and promotional efforts.

  • Target demographic: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Older Millennials
  • Goal: Attain high quality content, drive brand awareness, increase social media viewership


The Solution

Hollywood Branded helped Pala Casino Resort and Spa facilitate an on-site influencer event. We worked directly with Pala Casino’s marketing team to put together an event that provided enough structure to make sure each component of the casino was properly covered all while keeping it free flowing enough so that attendees were able to enjoy the casino on their own time without feeling too constrained by the event. Together, Hollywood Branded and Pala Casino Resort and Spa put together a great three-part event that included food and drinks, slot games and nightlife entertainment. Michelle(3).png

With a goal of having 20 influencers in attendance, Hollywood Branded sourced over 200 influencers that satisfied Pala Casino Resort and Spa’s age, geographical and content-quality specifications and invited them to Pala Casino’s property for the all expenses paid overnight getaway. Hollywood Branded served as the liaison for all communication between Pala Casino Resort and Spa and the influencers; all contracts, questions and other miscellaneous organizational tasks were handled by Hollywood Branded.


The Results

Hollywood Branded was able to secure 21 bloggers to attend Pala Casino Resort and Spa’s influencer event. Each influencer created a minimum of three pieces of content all of which effectively conveyed Pala Casino Resort and Spa’s offerings to their followers.

Take a look at this video recap of the partnership:

The program provided targeted social influencers the opportunity to engage with and cover Pala Casino Resort and Spa in a way that resonated most with their follower base. For example, food influencers focused their content heavily on the dining options that Pala Casino Resort and Spa offers whereas fashion influencers focused on creating content that covered which outfit worked best for each component of the casino.


 Celebrity invite to brand event ebook

So What We Did Was... 

  • Work with 21 Bloggers activated
  • Who had an overall reach of over 28 million people through the content they posted about Pala Resort & Casino
  • And we secured 87 pieces of content coverage
  • Which led to over 50,000 engagements
  • And led the brand to gain over 1,000 new Facebook likes 


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