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It Costs What? Hiring Musicians and Celeb DJ's For Corporate Events

Stacy Jones
Stacy Jones
July 9, 2015 at 11:08 AM

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Hiring Musicians & Celebrity DJ'S

Businesses of all types often come to our agency and ask for assistance in booking celebrities for their events.  The type of celebrity wanted is geared towards the type of brand and attendees' expected – whether that be fashion, tech or automotive.  Usually the celebrity desired is one that the brand manager/owner is personally a fan of.  Nowadays, the biggest factor to consider should be not only media interest, but individual social media reach.  So how much are these individuals to have come to your event to perform? 

Who To Hire

Of all the celebrity types, there is one which should get careful favored consideration if the event needs to provide entertainment.  That one type?  A musician or DJ.

Whether the celebrity talent primary mixes others’ tunes, or belts out their own unique hits, one of the benefits of hiring a musician or DJ is not only the performance factor, but also the tremendous social reach – as musicians and DJs have some of the largest and most engaged social networks in the entertainment industry.  With the dismal state of record labels and the lack of marketing funds, today’s successful musician is a self-promoting marketing force not to be reckoned with – and that reach is a golden opportunity for a brand.


The Rates

We’re not letting the cat out of the bag or giving away any secrets – these numbers were pulled from the Internet – but they DO provide a good example of ranges for brands to start from when hiring musicians.

We’ve broken down a variety of artists into ranges – but keep in mind that final pricing will depend on specific needs and asks – as well as, of course, competition in the marketplace for their time, and their own scheduling availability. 

Under $100k

  • Artic Monkeys
  • Black Crowes
  • Blues Traveler
  • Cage The Elephant
  • Capital Cities
  • Cheap Trick
  • Christina Milan
  • Clearance Clearwater Revival
  • Common
  • Foreigner
  • Group Love
  • Gypsy Kings
  • Joan Jett
  • Papa Roach
  • Plain White T’s
  • Slash
  • Snoop Dog
  • Tone Loc
  • The Wallflowers



$100k - $350k

  • 50 Cent
  • Blake Shelton
  • Bob Dylan
  • Calvin Harris
  • Chris Brown
  • David Guetta
  • Flor Rida
  • Jane’s Addiction
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Kid Rock
  • Lorde
  • Pitbull
  • Red Foo
  • Sheryl Crowe
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Willie Nelson


$350k – $500k

  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Drake
  • Kanye West
  • Muse
  • One Republic
  • Pearl Jam
  • Shakira


$500k – $750k

  • Britney Spears
  • Foo Fighters
  • Green Day
  • John Mayer
  • Katy Perry
  • The Killers
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Rihanna
  • Tim McGraw



  • Adele
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Coldplay
  • Dave Matthews
  • Justin Bieber
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Madonna
  • Lady Gaga
  • Taylor Swift

Are You Ready To Hire?

When you are ready to hire a musician or DJ - or really any celebrity to attend a brand-sponsored event - you need to get your ducks in a row and prepare the ask before picking up the phone.  Knowing absolutely every last thing you will want the celebrity to partake in and lend their name and image too will save major dollars down the line - as the bottom line in all scenarios is that once you make an offer, anything you ask for additionally will add dollar signs.


Working With Celebrities

Are you interested in learning how to successfully partner celebrities to your brand - without spending a million?  Watch this short webinar to learn Hollywood insider tricks to create and kickstart an entertainment marketing campaign that is the perfect extension for your social media program.



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Stacy Jones

Written by Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones, Hollywood Branded's founder and CEO, has over twenty six years of leadership experience building global entertainment branding campaigns for top Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of brands. Her career started after receiving her BFA in Theater Production & Scenic Design from the University of Arizona. Acknowledged as an expert in the field, she has appeared on CNN and MSNBC; spoken at conferences around the globe from Germany to Beijing; and has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, Financial Times, The Economist, Brandweek, Advertising Age, Variety, B&C and Mediaweek amongst others. Originally from Texas, you will still hear her ya’ll as she gathers the team for strategy planning sessions. Like all true entrepreneurs, Stacy is an adventurer at her core – having sky dived, hang glided off bi-planes, swam with crocs while rafting the Zambezi in Africa, photographed grizzly bears in Alaska, trekked Mayan ruins in Belize, explored the ocean as an avid scuba diver, and who loves owning an advertising agency where she swims with a different type of Hollywood shark on a daily basis.


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