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When one thinks of celebrities, DJs are not typically at the top of most brand marketers' tongues – unless the brand is a speaker or headphone manufacturer.  Yet brands should reconsider as DJ names are household names to many, and clubs hire them not only to spin music but for the fact that they are their own club promoter in many senses, drawing giant crowds and attention to their event.  And how many of these have become so successful is based on their fan engagement through social media. 

In fact, many DJs have become so big, they can make - or break, an event.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the highest-paid DJ celebrities as listed by Forbes, how much the top 10 DJs cost to work an event, their overall social media reach, and who their brand partners have been.


Hiring A Celebrity DJ


#1 Calvin Harris $75 million

This 31-year-old has an estimated $75 million in combined earnings, $66 of which was from his endless performances - 125+ gigs last year alone.  He’s found tremendous success in the pop world working with and writing for Rihanna and Kesha – getting him regular club (and residency – which means the club night is named after him and is contracted often for multi-year terms) and concert booking deals. 

  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals:  His celebrity endorsement deals with Pepsi, Emporio Armani, Sol Republic, and Calvin Klein (his own perfume – “With Love From Calvin…smart marketers there!) are just the beginning as he’s created his own vodka line and launched a series of restaurants.
  • Combined Social Media Reach: 20 million
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night: $150,000+

Calvin Harris



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#2 David Guetta  $30 million

This former Parisian club manager gets some of the highest fees in Las Vegas, commands some of the top fees in Las Vegas but still maintains his F**k Me I’m Famous residency in Ibiza, one of the largest party spots in the world, which helped him become famous. This last year yea’s toured with Rihanna, written songs for Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, and collaborated with The Black Eyed Peas and Usher.   

  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals:  Coke, GH Mumm, HP, Renault, Tag Heuer
  • Combined Social Media Reach: 76 million +
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night:  $150k - $250k+

David GuettaDavid_Guetta_Tag_Heuer_Endorsement


#3 Avicii $28 million (really tied with Tiesto)

Only 24 years old, this Swedish DJ has the highest selling (“Wake Me Up” with 4 million units sold in the United States) electronic song ever.  Every time he spins he takes home six-figure sums at a club, which he did over 80 times this last year.

  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals: Coca-Cola, Denim & Supply, Volvo (check out this music video below that he created for the auto manufacturer!)  
  • Combined Social Media Reach: 21.5 million +
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night: $150k - $250k





#4 Tiesto $28 million (really tied with Avicci)

This veteran Dutch DJ has moved from Ibiza to Las Vegas, and ha a major residency at the same megaclub as Calvin Harris, Hakkasan.  Playing over 100 shows each year, he has made over $60 million in the last two years on club play alone – topped only by Calvin Harris. 

  • Combined Social Media Reach: 24 million +
  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals: 7Up
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night:  $200k - $400k 


Celebrity Endorsement Deal Case Studies That Made Sales Happen Video



#5 Steve Aoki $23 million

This man is a DJ machine and obviously never sleeps, having played 277 + shows this last year, and often playing three shows in a day.  His celebrity endorsement brand partners include Bud Light, Guitar Center and Scion, and he holds a minority stake in the headphone company Sol Republic (also endorsed by Calvin Harris).  He shared his father’s (Benihana founder Rocky Aoki) entrepreneurial spirit with ventures in several restaurants and nightclubs, as well as his own record label Dim Mak.

Combined Social Media Reach: 12 million +

Celebrity Endorsement Deals:  Olmec Tequila, Trident Gum and Scion.

How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night: $75k - $100k

 Steve Aoki



#6 Afrojack $22 million

Known as Afrojack, and originally Nick van de Wall, he also holds a residency at Hakkasan (see the ‘coincidence’ shared by Calvin Harris and Tiesto – they book the ‘best’.)  He played almost 150 shows this last year, and his earnings were boosted by endorsement deals with G-Star RAW, Nike and his own clothing collection.  He has created music for both Chris Brown and Pitbull, and also owns his own label, Wall Recordings.  While Hakkasan keep’s approaching him to come perform for them with a residency, he has to date stayed loyal to the Wynn Las Vegas – despite reportedly being offered double his fee.

  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals:  G-Star Raw, Nike
  • Combined Social Media Reach: 11.5 million +
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night: $75k - $100k 




#7 Zedd $21 million

This protégé of Skrillex now out-earns his mentor, at only the age of 24 based on a his nightly DJ fee that has skyrocketed from $20,000 to the low six figures.  Not only does he produce for the likes of pop stars Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, his own album, Clarity, has done phenomenally well.

  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals: Bud Light Platinum, Guitar Center (check out this contest they created below!) 
  • Combined Social Media Reach: 10 million +
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night: $75k - $100k+


 Zedd Guitar Center

Celebrity invite to brand event ebook


#8 Kaskade $17 million  

With ten album’s under his belt, the formally known Ryan Raddon now Kaskade, has received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronica Album. Back in the day Kaskade launched his career and established his future success by his early residencies at Encore Beach Club and now Cosmopolitan’s Marquee.  Somehow this father of three has found time to perform over 120 times this last year.

  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals: SOL Republic
  • Combined Social Media Reach: 17.5 million +
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night: $100k 



#9 Skrillex $16.5 million

Mentioned above due to the success of his protégé Zedd, SonnyJohn Moore is a six-time Grammy WINNER who earns a tremendous amount from not only his own live shows, but also from his film scoring for films like Wreck-It Ralph and his own label, OWSLA.  Additionally, he owns several restaurants (the “Fat Skrillex Burger” chain) in Washington, a Football Team (the “Los Angeles Angels”), has even launched his own brand of Vodka (Pure Wonderskrillex - US), and tacked the teen scene market with a top-selling perfume (With Love from Skrillex) and a fashion line called “Skrillex Seduction”.

  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals: Google phone cases for android
  • Combined Social Media Reach: 25.5 million +
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night: $75k - $100k+


product placement infographic - free download Skrillex_Google_Endorsement


#10 Deadmau5 $16 million

Aka Joel Zimmerman has played one-tenth of the shows – wearing his mouse head costume - of some of these other DJ’s, he typically only takes large scale – and high paying – festival gigs that earn him over $500,000 for a night.  He also has developed his entrepreneurial spirit through is merchandise lines, as well as own label Mau5trap.

  • Celebrity Endorsement Deals: Nokia, Sonos (check out this video below!)
  • Combined Social Media Reach: 13.5 million +
  • How Much Will It Cost For 1 Night: $200k - $250k




Negotiating The Talent

Just keep in mind, that the pricing quoted here are estimates only, and fluctuate based on overall needs from the brand, timing, and potential conflicts - as well as the always-existing ability to just charge higher fees!  Pricing is always negotiated with celebrities based on very specific offer letters outlining exactly what the brand needs.  This includes social media callouts, length of time at the event, number of press conversations, and every other little detail you can think of.  For more insight as to how to best put together an offer for a celebrity, read our article here on working with celebrities.

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