Jeep, Samsung & Nationwide Tap Rising Musicians For Celebrity Endorsement Ads


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How Music Can Be An Effective And Creative Celebrity Endorsement

99% of movies, television, content, and yes, even ads, would be strange, awkward and downright powerless without music. And while music in the background can set a mood or convey an emotion, integrating that music and the musicians who made it into the ad itself can be an eye-catcher for viewers.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at new celebrity endorsement ads from Jeep, Samsung, and Nationwide that use music to market their brand.

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Jeep - Marc Scibilia

Brands have long used recognizable songs for commercials. For example, H&M's summer campaign is driven by the Nancy Sinatra classic "Summer Wine." However, Jeep takes a new route by making a bet on a rising musician, Marc Scibilia, and builds an ad around his song, "On The Way."

The spot features classic shots of summer fun and Jeeps enjoying the season, but also features the band performing their song in the commercial, giving it an almost music video vibe. Check it out: 


Nationwide - Leslie Odom, Jr.

You may recognize Leslie Odom, Jr. from some of his cameos on television, showing up in shows like House of Lies and Gotham, or from his recurring role as a reverend on Law And Order: Special Victims Unit. However Odom is best known for his Tony-winning role as Aaron Burr, the lead in Broadway's surprise smash hit that has swept the nation.

Odom has recently released a solo album, and Nationwide recruited him to give the classic jingle a new spin. Odom is featured in the campaign, and rewrote his own version of the jingle. Check it out: 


Samsung - Bomba Estereo And Travel Blogger Moriah Yadon

Samsung's new ad touting their S8 goes after a young, travel-hungry audience. Featuring travel-blogger Moriah Yadon, it shows just how easy the Samsung makes being abroad, specifically in Peru. 

What really makes this commercial, however, is the music. The song "Soy Yo" is by a Colombian band called Bomba Estereo, and while they've been around since 2005, their music is starting to break through to American audiences. Samsung is smart by celebrating other cultures right now, especially when going after the 20- and 30-year-old demographic.


Could Your Brand Use A Celebrity Boost?

Celebrities are an extremely powerful way to boost your brand's image - and music is an important part of this too. People have long connected with music and when brands use rising stars, they show they are in tune with their market.

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