Judith Leiber Partners With The Kardashian Family For A Holiday Collaboration


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Let's Talk About Something Sparkly

Step aside Mr. Ye West. Let’s talk about something upbeat for a minute. Your former family members are back in the brand partnership spotlight once again, with the recently-announced collaboration of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies with luxury brand Judith Lieber Couture on a holiday-themed edition of miniaudierés (definition: a women’s fashion accessory, generally considered a jewelry piece intended to substitute for an evening bag. I looked it up on Google).

For years, fans of the reality stars know their love of and obsession with Christmas, so a special collaboration dropped for the holidays makes perfect sense. We’ve discussed collaborations in many posts on this site In this blog, Hollywood Branded reviews the collaboration between the Kardashians and Judith Leiber, and gives you a peak at these little gems.

Judith Leiber x Kardashian collab- 8.8.22

The Purpose Of A Partnership

Most brand collaborations aim to engage and excite fans of the brands in play by bringing something of added value to them, be they a limited edition, something collectible, or a unique offer. Brand values define what businesses stand for and how they do what they do, so they’re vitally important when you’re looking for like-minded others to align with. In an article published in The CEO Magazine, brand matchmaking specialist Claudine Harris commented, “Togetherness means being fair and forthright, and looking out for each other’s best interests.”

That is perfectly exemplified in the partnership between Judith Leiber Couture and the KarJenners. Each style offers a behind-the-scenes look into their private collections and personality, featuring an interior autograph from Kris as well as each Kardashian and Jenner sister The family is famous for experimenting with images and mediums: from memes to “Kimojis” to virtual games like Kim K: Hollywood. This has created an economy of images that define the family in ever-changing ways, so it’s fitting that the Kardashians would even accessorize using symbolic objects. And now the longtime love between the Kardashians and Leiber has culminated in an official collaboration just in time for Christmas.

About Judith Leiber

If you’re not familiar, Judith Leiber is an American luxury brand that is synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication. Each product is executed with meticulous attention to detail and flawless handcraftsmanship. Miniaudierés from the collection are part of the permanent design collections at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Adding to Hollywood's nearly 50-year love affair with the brand, nearly every First Lady dating back to 1953 has carried custom-made Judith Leiber bags to the U.S. Presidential Inauguration ceremonies. Works of art indeed, and as such, they do come with a price tag that reflects their specialness.




So Let’s Do Some Browsing In The Luxury Lane

Are you a super-mom with a soft spot for Christmas? Consider the Kris’s Santa! Covered in red, silver, and white crystals, this little gem is sure to spread holiday joy in the chicest of ways. By creating a bag that looks like a Santa ornament, Kris connects herself to “a symbol of all the meanings behind Christmas: family getting together, gift exchanges, goodness, kindness. Seems pretty on-brand for the family’s matriarch. It can be yours for $4,995.santa

 Photo Crdit: Judith Leiber

For the foodies in your life, Kourtney’s Lunch Date may be a tasty treat. The crystal clutch features all the dazzling colors of a sushi lunch tray, including a pair of gold chopsticks. Kourtney’s bag resembles a plate of the kind of “clean eating” she’s known for endorsing. Ever the outlier, Kourtney’s bag is notably the most abstract compared to her sister’s more straightforward pieces. Price tag: $4,495.


 Photo Credit: Judith Leiber

Inspired by Kim’s “out of this word” style is Kim’s Alien, a fashion-forward twist. On a recent episode of The Kardashians—while wearing a green leather Prada suit for Milan Fashion Week—Kim told Kendall, “Alien vibes. That’s the vibe.” The whimsical little alien is covered with black diamond handset crystals and integrates pop-culture playfulness with luxury style. This piece of art is priced at $4,995.


Photo Credit: Judith Leiber

For more of an indulgence, consider Khloe’s Pot of Gold. This piece is ornamented with stacks of custom, individual, Judith Leiber gold coins and extravagant gold crystals. The Kardashians has hardly held back from acknowledging Khloé’s hard few years. Khloe’s detailed clutch offers fabled charm, as though it might be found at the end of a rainbow and bring about better luck.  This gem will cost you $5,995.


Photo Credit: Judith Leiber

Are you team Kendall? Or is your dog the love of your life? Kendall’s Doberman is an ode to her best friend Pyro. Bedecked with sparkling jet crystals, this whimsical piece is runway ready. Depicting Kenny’s loyal Doberman as a small, crystallized clutch seems to honor Leiber’s love for designing animals. All yours for $5,695.


Photo Credit: Judith Leiber

Kylie’s design is a stunning Lightning Bolt, a dazzling option covered with silver crystals and designed to be carried horizontally or vertically. A striking piece of the collection, Kylie’s lightning bolt is an apparent nod to her eldest child, daughter Stormi. MSRP: $4,995.


Photo Credit: Judith Leiber

The Kardashian family is famous for experimenting with images and mediums: from memes to “Kimojis” to virtual games like Kim K: Hollywood. This has created an economy of images that define the family in ever-changing ways, so it’s fitting that the Kardashians would even accessorize using symbolic objects. And if this reflects your style goals, and you’re hoping to find one tucked in your stocking this holiday season – well, I hope you’ve been very, very good this year.

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