Snapchat's Brand Marketing Wins Big At Cannes


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How The Social Media Giant Dominates Festival-goers' Skyline

Snapchat has been leading the game for a while when it comes to brand marketing. They are never afraid to do what it takes to get their message across, and this year's Cannes festival has been no exception.

This year, Snapchat has gone beyond the usual social media marketing strategy to include a massive Ferris wheel in their advertising.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at Snapchat's latest brand marketing stunt and why it works for the social media company.

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Headlining At Cannes

Cannes Film Festival is a vital place for both filmmakers and brands to secure the support they need to be successful. It's known as a vacation of sorts, a Coachella for filmmakers, and branding is extremely important at this fest full of big names in TV and movies.


Snapchat pulled out all the stops this year to impress the TV and film gurus, both Hollywood-based and foreign. Their massive branded Ferris wheel could not escape the eye and on top of that, a vending machine touting their new Spectacles was placed right next to it.

This is great placement for a brand looking to put their merchandise in the hands of some big names as well as in the eyesight of big Hollywood producers.

As Snapchat continues to delve into the world of content and brand marketing, its influence on the world of Hollywood and film becomes more and more important. They dominate digital marketing, so it only makes sense to take a more tangible approach to their marketing with this stunt.

What Should Brands Take Away From This Marketing?

Snapchat shows how a brand can leverage a footprint that is heavily trafficked by Hollywood decision makers with an on site event activation.

Brands don't need to rush to Cannes... there are so many even options closer to home - including film festivals, award shows and even industry events.  The big takeaway for brands is to realize that the more effort they put into Hollywood relationship building, the more awareness by those decision makers who have the power to incorporate the brand into their own projects - be they celebrity or content based.

The biggest wins our agency has been able to create are from brands willing to put focus and energy into Hollywood marketing - as when the brand DOES want to do a partnership, having that familiarity of who the brand is, already established, is incredibly powerful.  And the return on that investment - immeasurable. 

Time To Up Your Brand's Social Media Presence?

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