5 Ways To Use Snapchat's New Spectacles For Your Brand's Social Media


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Snapchat Introduces New "Spectacles"

If Apple removing the headphone jack on the new iPhone 7 tells you anything, it's that the big tech companies dictate how and when you innovate. And like it or not, you've got to move forward. Of course, if history is any indication, you'll be glad you did. Wasn't the DVD so much better than VHS?

Snapchat has taken the social media world by storm, doing something Twitter, Instagram or Facebook could not, and it's become the mecca of millennial conversation.  Even celebrities use this medium to give real-time updates to their followers and fans as well as endorse products and brands.  And now, it's becoming even bigger as a tech company.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded introduces the new Snapchat Spectacles and explains what this means for your brand's social media marketing.


What Are Snapchat Spectacles?

Taking the "Google Glass" idea and aiming to succeed where the previous technology failed, Snapchat has rebranded as a company and introduced a new piece of super-cool tech. 

The social media giant has recently changed their name to "Snap Inc." to put emphasis on their branding as a "camera company" as opposed to a phone or app company. And Snapchat Spectacles are their first move as a newly innovated tech company.


Snapchat Spectacles are glasses with a small built-in camera that can record the world around you... the way Snapchat does, but without your phone in front of your face. It is a fun take on technology that has previously come off as complicated, serious or pretentious. 

The glasses are meant to be purpose-built versus use-built with a specific goal in mind - making it easier and easier to record and share your experiences and surroundings. 

While we don't have an exact release date yet, the Spectacles are expected to be released "this autumn". And at $130, they will cost a fraction of what Google Glass costed.

 How Can Your Brand Use Snapchat Spectacles?

Whenever new technology comes out, it can be hard just figuring it out, much less creating a brand social media strategy for it - which is why you plan ahead!

1. Take Event Activations To A Whole New Level

Bring your followers to your event activations with you! With a first-person perspective that doesn't require taking 10 second videos with a phone in front of your face the whole time, Spectacles will let your followers experience your events like they were there.


2. Celebrity Takeovers From An Exciting New Perspective

A cool Snapchat marketing practice for brands is the celebrity takeover - where a brand lets a celeb "take over" their Snapchat for the day or a period of time. Disney Parks has used several social influencers in their park takeovers, Wimbledon had Serena Williams take over their account for a bit, as did Gucci with star Jared Leto, and Victoria's Secret regularly lets their models snap on their account. 

With Spectacles, letting a celeb or influencer take over your account gives your followers an interesting and creative look into your brand - in the first person perspective of their fave celeb!



3. Give Users An Inside Look At Your Brand

These days, social media marketing is all about making your brand personal. Take your followers and fans inside your company with Snapchat Spectacles, showing them how fun and innovative your company is.

With your social media, especially Snapchat, you control the way the world views your brand - so make it exciting, interesting and innovative!

4. Have Influencers Use Spectacles To Try On Or Test Your Product

Sending out your product for digital influencers can reach new heights with Spectacles. And seeing as digital influencers will most likely get the first pairs, you can partner with and influencer for an exclusive first look at both the Spectacles and your product.

Consider working with influencers to create sponsored content on their Snapchat stories that you can repurpose on your own. Think about ways in which your brand or product can interact with Spectacles and make it a reality!

5. Just Use Them, Period!

Today's consumers appreciate and pay attention to brands that are up with the latest technology and trends. Just by using the Spectacles at all, you can show your followers and fans that you are staying up to date on today's innovations. 


If you haven't created your brand's Snapchat prescence yet, check out our blog post on 10 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be On Snapchat. 

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