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Motherhood Marketing Begins Now  

Kylie Jenner has pretty much cornered the market on how to successfully launch and run an online cosmetics company, making $420 million in just eighteen months.  At the tender age of 20, this woman, who has grown up since the age of 7 under the microscope of social media and reality TV, commands an incredible social footprint and business acumen.  And life has brought her a new opportunity to try her entrepreneurial spirit with – mommydom. 

Jenner is already the youngest celebrity ever on Forbes 100, having earned $41 million last year.  Her sixteen years older sister, Kim Kardashian West, also earned a spot on the list having earned $45.5 million, and Jenner has the chance to far eclipse her with her firm grasp on the marketing pulse of the younger Gen Y demographic. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at newbie mother Kylie Jenner’s opportunity to reposition her branded social media endorsement deals as the new face of mom influencer marketing.

The new face of mom influencers kylie jenner

The Internet Broke… Again

The biggest time the internet broke was due to a Samsung Galaxy selfie by Ellen DeGeneres at The Oscars.  And the Kardashian Jenner clan has quite a few close calls at beating that record making post. In fact, it’s not always a cup of tea when we hear the Kardashian’s broke the Internet, again. Whether it’s Kim’s new mirror nude selfie, or Kylie’s new lip injections, Twitter’s tweeting birds give them wholehearted attention as they begin trending. Maybe it’s a huge announcement waiting, something dramatic in their life occurred, or it’s a normal day flying by in the Kardashian world. However, who expected the Internet would break-again when Kylie Jenner, age 20, made an announcement  on Super Bowl Sunday about her recent birth to a baby girl?

With the first emotional and phenomenal picture of Stormi Webster, we can now declare that this is the HIGHEST liked-picture on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner Stormi Post

Kylie is a master mind of surprises, and she leaves the world wondering about the baby --what now? Was she truly ready to become a mother? Is the baby going to be a part of Kylie’s social media empire or will she enjoy motherhood in private? What opportunities will this mean for her millennial age group, and will they connect with her the same way? With all of this, there is a ton of potential… to grow her social fan base even wider, and to have her make even more money. 

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New Market Niche Opportunity For Kylie

Give or take, the demographics of her followers consist of teenagers to young adults, primarily female, and those who are makeup, fashion, and celebrity-fanatics who look up to the 20-year-old for advice, tips, trends, and who are inspired to be like her or be her. After the birth of Stormi Webster with boyfriend Travis Scott, however, the questions exists:  Will Kylie generate a more powerful following beyond Generation Y, and reposition her market niche?

Kylie understands her millennial market more than we may think, with Kylie Cosmetics increasing the amount of 8 figures under her name rapidly. Luck also plays into her life, as Kylie can utilize her given advantages in her current generation.  She was only 13 when Instagram and Snapchat came to the world of social media, and she grew up learning how to make it her perfect moment to join the hype and build her fan-base from there on. Her audience of Generation Y & Z Millennials, who all are undoubtedly experts on social media, have become the perfect target to be easily influenced by their favorite celebrity endorsing lifestyle products.

Millennial moms, further along in their later twenties/early thirties, are predicted to be next on her list of potential clients. Being the #1 influencer with the highest followers on Snapchat, 8th most followed influencer on Instagram (103 million followers) , and #69 highest ranked influencer around the world on Twitter(24.3 million), this may just be the time to add a new market outreach to Kylie’s family of followers.

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Stormi’s Brand Exposure Since Day 1

Less than even one week after the announcement of Stormi, her mom is likely to be receiving exclusive brand offers of cute baby products to showcase for her daughter to promote. As an example, we’ve already seen Jordyn Woods gift a pair of Nike Air Jordan high-top sneakers for Kylie and Travis’s baby daughter in Kylie’s ‘For Our Daughter’ video.

To Our Daughter Kylie Jenner

Watch Kylie’s Video


As Kylie puts the shoes on the rack, we simply see rows and rows of shoes from top brands like Nikes, Timberlands, Converse, Uggs -- you name it! It’s as if this baby, who is loved already by millions, is a walking treasure for brand exposure. 

To Our Daughter Nike Shoes

To Our Daughter More Shoes

To Our Daughter Shoes

In fact, she’s the newest social media royalty.  And her potential is tremendous.

Kylie’s video recapping her entire pregnancy generated more than 54 million views in its first week from the upload. The entire secret of her pregnancy that she’s been hiding lies in that video, and everyone wants to get their eyes on the behind the scenes insight. However, behind the never-seen-before scenes of Kylie and her family, what really lies in that video are the brands that Kylie either wore herself, or are dedicated to baby Stormi. THAT is what highlights the promotional aspects of the video -– and her future power as a mom-preneur.

Though Kylie wrote “there was no paid promotion”, in her Instagram post revealing the big mystery, there’s uncertainty whether she’d like to continue her early motherhood in private, in exclusive members-only access footage in her official app, or in complete privacy in total. 

Kyle Jenner Baby Reveal

With Kylie’s true unpredictability, one might expect the baby won’t lack entry into the fame universe that the Kardashian Clan has produced. Given a take on what to expect, baby brands will enthusiastically approach the newest mother on exclusive baby branding. The question is – will she spend time to harness the celebrity income from those brand endorsements, or instead launch other lines where she can own the brand, and make even more.  With Kylie’s net worth now being estimated at $50.2 million, she has overtaken all her sisters at the top of the wealth pyramid. So as the richest of all her siblings, there is no doubt baby Stormi will live a luxurious, memorable, and rich life.

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Jenner’s Old Favorite Brands Vs New Mommy Favorites

There is no doubt that media-savvy Kylie understands her audience, who wants to be stylish, bold, trendy, and unique, which is showcased through her brand endorsement deals.The Kardashian’s past brand integrations include:

  • Brand like Pacson, TopShop, OPI nail polish, Levi, Puma, Estee Lauder,
  • Digital self-owned brands including the Kylie and Kendall mobile game and the Kylie app
  • And self-named and owned brands such as Kylie Hair Kourture by Bellami, Kylie Cosmetics, and the Kendall and Kylie clothing line,

Her entrepreneurial side took off in November 2015, with the introduction of her own matte lipsticks, in which the first products, priced at $29 as part of her Kylie Cosmetics line. were sold out within minutes on her website! At the continuous rate in which Kylie Cosmetics is increasing, with a 25% growth rate expected this year, the popular brand may be worth $1 billion in just five years!

Her fan base doesn’t have a hard time relating to what she loves most, such as hanging out with girlfriends, having pajama parties, getting dolled up with makeup, going to fancy events, and trying new clothes. Because she’s their same age, Kylie has a highly degree of relatability with her fans, who trust her and will do anything to become like the social media star. After her daughter was born, however, everything changes. We expect Kylie will keep her fans updated during her motherhood with the baby. Considering most footage will be in ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, she may inspire her current older fans to think of wanting a baby, or attract new fans who already are mothers, and are much older. On the negative, hopefully she won’t be influencing those younger than her to take the same path to motherhood.  It appears she has the knowledge that she has the very strong power to influencer young girls into not making the best life choices, and recognizes that her own wealth allows her to walk a path that others her age may find difficult.

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Is Kylie The Right Fit To Market Herself As A Mother?

One might think, how was it even possible for the young Kardashian superstar to keep her pregnancy a secret in front of the entire world, who is always so keen to know every detail about her life? This question is foremost in the curious minds of all her fans who seemed utterly shocked yet are so encouraging and blissful  about her new baby. Known for her immediate social media exposure of every move Kylie has been up to, creativity has played a role in every Instagram post, Snapchat story, and Twitter update for the pregnant Jenner.From Kylie hiding her bump in the new Calvin Klein underwear ads with a quilt, to uploading throwback Instagram posts to keep her users engaged, and keeping footage from her baby shower a secret, pressure was on for the Kardashians to respect Kylie’s wish to have a private, out-of-the-spotlight, non-stressful pregnancy. In fact, besides just immediate family, even outside friends and employees/staff respected the 20-year old’s dedication to keep the secrecy. It’s a wonder if Kris Jenner didn’t politely ask close friends, doctors and staff involved in pregnancy-related visits, media projects and photoshoots to sign an NDA for privacy purposes.  We are sure that happened.

Considering her excellent marketing tactics, Kylie’s updated exposure of herself on Instagram did not decline, with posts consisting of throwbacks of previous photo shoots, selfie images, or the usual promotion of her Kylie Cosmetics line with new products or restock. Kylie Jenner’s true social media trend seems to be her coming out of the blue with breaking news.   It’s how the Kardashians/Jenners work, and market their life to the world. With Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics turning into a $420 million empire of revenue within its first two years of launch, a mommy and baby product line seems to follow perfectly in line as her next breakout success.Jenner may have been hand-given the family name, but it turns out the 20-year old is quite the young entrepreneur at heart set to conquer the world of social influence and digital marketing as a mother! 

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Brands And Social Influencers

Brands often gladly  (and not-so-gladly) pay thousands of dollars or even more for celebrity moms to dress their children in hopes for paparazzi photos or guaranteed social media posts.  And the Kardashian and Jenner children are no exception.  Be sure to check out our blog on ‘A Brand Guide to Kylie Jenner Instagram Posts’ to learn more on how Kylie’s approach to Instagram.

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