The Marketing Behind Billie Eilish's New Album


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Finding Ways To Keep Things Exciting

It's been three years since Billie Eilish released her album Happier Than Ever. Unlike some music artists, Billie has remained in the spotlight, largely due to her single "What Was I Made For?" from the Barbie soundtrack, which earned several major awards, including the Oscar for Best Original Song. However, frequent media coverage can lead to overexposure, causing the public to become indifferent or even develop negative feelings towards the celebrity and their work.

Despite this risk, Billie continues to captivate audiences with her unique style and innovative approach to music. In this article, Hollywood Branded pulls back the curtain on the marketing strategies behind Billie Eilish's new album Hit Me Hard and Soft, highlighting how she uniquely engages with her audience and the benefits brands gain from partnering with her.

The Marketing Behind Billie Eilish's New Album

leaves them wanting more

As of right now Billie Eilish is a leading, if not THE leading Gen Z music artist of our time.

Billie Eilish Rolling Stone

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

Just twenty-two and having had only two albums out, Billie has won 2 Oscars, 1 Brit Award, 1 Critic's Choice Award,  2 Golden Globes, and 9 Grammys (among several others). 

Billie Eilish Grammys

Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez | Getty Images

Finneas O'Connell and Billie Eilish 96th Annual Academy Awards

Photo Credit: Arturo Holmes | Getty Images

If that's not enough, she's broken multiple chart records and many other records as "being the youngest to", such as youngest to ever headline Coachella and Glastonbury. 

billie eilish headlining Coachella 2022

Photo Credit: Coachella | Goldenvoice 

Billie Eilish 2022 headliner Glastonbury  Festival

Photo Credit: Glastonbury Festival

From all her accomplishment it's evident that her talent shines through and always leaves people wanting more. Speaking of more...she just delivered her new album Hit Me Hard and Soft after rolling it out in a way that demanded attention and called for fans who were eager to participate.


When it first came to initial announcement of album Billie’s team started with her loyal fans. They did this on the 5th anniversary of Billie’s first album release When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? by posting coordinates on Billie’s ‘Room’ website.

From there fans got to work in decoding where mysterious coordinates led to.


The mirror in billie’s bedroom takes you to these coordinates in california sunset boulevard👀 #billie #billieeilish #5yearsofwwafawdwg

♬ original sound - Sonny Sidney

While some fans just Google Mapped the coordinates others were able to physically go to location the coordinates led to.

Naturally, fans were able to put together the pieces that the signs (literally and figuratively) were hinting towards the release of a new Billie Eilish album.

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If the billboards were the bait, Billie’s attendance at Coachella Weekend 1 was certainly was the hook. Not only did Billie drop by to guest appear  during Lana Del Rey’s Weekend 1 set but she also took over Do LaB for her Billie & Friends Party.

During this “party”/ DJ set Billie gave fans a taste of some of her new songs on the album. 

It was truly an ingenious move to use global audience of Coachella as a device to steer all thoughts toward Billie and her upcoming album in a fresh and exciting way. Additionally, it enabled Billie to reach music lovers, made up of fans and potential fans, to get a sample of what’s to come and eagerly anticipate the album’s release.

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Listening Parties

To celebrate the release of her new album Hit Me Hard and Soft Billie hosted a series of listening parties. These events included partners such as American Express, Metro Los Angeles, YouTube Shorts, Spotify, Apple Music and AMC Theatres.

To kick things off, Billie held two huge in-person listening parties. The first one took place in New York at Barclays Center on May 15 and the second at The Kia Forum in Los Angles the following day. 

Billie Eilish Hit Me Hard and Soft Album Listening Party PosterPhoto Credit: Billie Eilish 

At these venues American Express card holders had their own entrance, merchandise booth where they received an event poster with purchase, and got a custom physical event ticket.

Prior to the start of the party, all fans were able to purchase Hit Me Hard and Soft merchandise at stands around the venue.

Additionally, at these stands, only AMEX card holders had the opportunity to purchase an exclusive Hit Me Hard and Soft album sweatshirt.

YouTube Shorts helped deck out the venues with lyrics to one of Billie's song's "Lunch" in which fans could take pictures and film themselves.


For the Los Angeles listening party, Billie partnered with Metro Los Angeles to offer free transportation to the Kia Forum. 

When it was time for the show, fans were treated to visual show of sorts and the joy of experiencing the album with Billie and her brother Finneas who were there in-person. 

For those unable to snag a ticket to the Forum or Barclay listening parties, fans had the opportunity to attend Spotify and AMC Theatres's listening parties. 

Spotify held two listening parties respectively one in the United Kingdom from May 16 - 17 and another virtually available to Billie's top Spotify premium listeners. 

In the UK fans were able to visually experience the album as they listened to it. 

During the virtual Spotify listening party select fans were able to tune in via the Spotify app to listen to the album and get Billie's insight and stories when she was working on the album.

Photo: Spotify

Lastly, Billie worked with Apple Music to provide listening experiences for fans in select AMC Theatres where they also got an exclusive ticket.

AUTHENTIcity is key

A challenge that many music artists and brands face is they look at what others have done and copy it without putting their unique voice into the project. The use of coordinates to tease a new piece of work? Used by Ariana Grande and Doja Cat. Sharing new music at Coachella? Lorde and Clairo did that. Arena album listening party? Justin Bieber (one of Billie Eilish's favorite music artists) has done this too. 

An Evening with Justin Bieber Poster

Photo Credit: Justin Bieber

What Billie and her team have done isn't anything totally out of the ordinary but what makes it exciting for fans is that she makes it her own.

What music artists and brands can learn is that seeing what works in the system and using it is wrong, but they also shouldn't completely rely on the activation itself to do all the work. They need to take what works and put their own spin on it to showcase their personality. The brands that have partnered with her understood that and as a result benefitted from it as it allowed them to reach a young audience who is open to welcoming a brand that supports their favorite artist (Billie) in creating her vision. 


By partnering with these brands Billie was able to put on all these events to promote her album and strengthen her relationship with her fans in ways that were authentic to her. Brands such as American Express, Spotify, Apple Music, and AMC Theatres are able to connect with Billie's fans to increase brand awareness, be top-of-mind, and gain new customers.

There's a reason why big brands partner with popular artists and it clearly pays off as they continue the partnership year over year. While it should be something that smaller brands looking to make a name for themselves shouldn't take lightly, if well thought out, the investment will be worth it. 

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