Maximizing Your Brand Reach: The Power of Event Activations


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Sponsor Your Way To The Top

Branding at events through sponsorships and activations are a great way for brands to increase brand awareness and reach your target audience. By sponsoring or getting involved with high-profile events, brands can benefit from increased visibility and the opportunity to engage with customers in new and exciting ways. Whether you activate at an entertainment event, celebrity-filled space or sports tournament, brands have a chance to showcase their products and services, build brand loyalty, and make a lasting impression on consumers. 

There are numerous ways for brands to get involved with events and make a lasting impact, including interactive installations, product sampling, red-carpet appearances, and product launches. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses why brands need to sponsor events and how event activations maximize your brand reach. 



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What's In It for The Brand?

There are numerous reasons why brands need to activate during high-profile events. The biggest one is exposure for the brand because sponsoring an event or doing a pop-up can. help a brand reach a large and targeted audience, increasing brand awareness. Events also allow brands to engage directly with potential customers and build a genuine relationship with them. Sponsoring events and doing pop-ups can generate leads and help a brand gather information about potential customers. 

The Higher the Profile, the Better 

It is equally essential for brands to get involved with exclusive event opportunities. High-profile events usually have a large and diverse audience, allowing brands to reach a broader and more influential audience than they would with traditional advertising. It can also assist in boosting a brand's credibility and helps establish itself as a leader in their industry. Along with credibility is the association that comes with high-profile events. Sponsoring such events build a positive image to increase the brand's visibility. High-profile events that are well executed deliver a high return on investment for a brand. 

Pepsi + Coachella

The Pepsi and Coachella brand partnership is a multi-year sponsorship agreement between PepsiCo and the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which is one of the largest and most well-known music festivals in the world. As a part of the partnership, PepsiCo is the exclusive non-alcoholic beverage and snack partner for the festival, with all of their products sold at all Coachella locations. In addition, PepsiCo creates a number of unique experiences for festival-goers. One of them is the PepsiCo Terrace, an exclusive VIP area that offers complimentary snacks and beverages, as well as shaded seating and views of the festival's main stage. The partnership also includes several on-site activations, such as interactive installations and photo booths, as well as a digital campaign encouraging festival-goers to share their experiences on social media using a specific hashtag. 


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Baked by Melissa + New York Fashion Week

Body Paragraphs The Baked by Melissa and New York Fashion Week brand partnership was a collaboration between the popular New York-based bakery and one of the world's most prestigious fashion events. As part of the partnership, Baked by Melissa created a custom collection of bite-sized cupcakes inspired by the latest fashion trends. The cupcakes featured designs and flavors inspired by the runway looks of top designers, such as Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, and Caroline Herrera. In addition to the cupcakes, Baked by Melissa also provided its signature mini-cupcakes at various New York Fashion Week events, including the highly coveted VIP lounge. The partnership aimed to create a unique and memorable experience for fashion industry insiders and influencers while also showcasing Baked by Melissa's creativity and commitment to quality. 


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Ritual + The Oscars 

The Ritual and Oscars brand partnership is a collaboration between the popular vitamin company and one of the most prestigious events in the entertainment industry. As part of the partnership, Ritual provided a custom blend of essential vitamins to the presenters and performers at the Oscars ceremony, held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The custom blend was designed to help boost energy, support immune health, and promote overall wellness, which was important during the hectic and stressful awards season. In addition to providing the custom blend, Ritual also created a special Oscars-inspired video campaign that featured prominent actors and actresses discussing their wellness routines and the importance of self-care. The partnership aimed to promote Ritual's commitment to transparency and quality while also aligning the brand with the glamour and prestige of the Oscars ceremony. 


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Drybar + Kentucky Derby 

The Drybar and Kentucky Derby partnership was a collaboration between the popular blowout salon and one of the world's most iconic horse racing events. As part of the partnership, Drybar created a pop-up salon at the Kentucky Derby, where attendees could get their hair styled and enjoy complimentary mimosas. The pop-up salon was designed to help racegoers look their best and feel confident, no matter the weather conditions. Drybar provided a special Derby-inspired hairstyle menu, featuring classic updos and braids that were perfect fo a day at the races. Drybar also created a custom Derby-inspired hair accessory collection sold online and in select storefronts. The partnership aimed to provide a fun and memorable experience for Kentucky Derby attendees while also showcasing Drybar's expertise in hair styling and customer service. 


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Event activations are a powerful tool for brands to maximize their reach and engagement with target audiences. Learn more about activating at events by checking out the blogs below!

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