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Events Are More Than Just For Celebrities! 

Event activations, especially awards shows, are a marketer's dream! Having celebrities and influencers all in the same room, with massive amounts of media exposure, is the perfect way for a brand to showcase their products and services.

Celebrity events are watched and enjoyed by millions, and there are a myriad of ways for your brand to get involved with them. From entire event sponsorships to swag bags, there are seemingly endless opportunities for amazing partnerships. In this blog, Hollywood Branded recaps some of our blogs about marketing within Hollywood events. 

HB Round-Up: Event Activations


The Future of a Product Featured at an Awards Season Event

There is always a screening process, to what brand will make an awards season swag bag for inclusion. The level of scrutiny is based on opportunity, and is typically overseen by the producer of the swag bag. Producers of the swag bag can range anywhere between an actual corporate entity like The Recording Academy for the Grammys, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for the Oscars, The Sundance Institute for the Sundance Film Festival, or a hired agency who produces the swag bag, as is the case with the Golden Globes. Brand managers should typically expect to provide two to five items of whatever product being considered (and not expect these items to be returned.)

Products are chosen based on best-in-brand-category, (of those brands indicating interest in participating), price point, and overall potential interest to celebrities. Typically brand category exclusivity is guaranteed.

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Celebrity Swag Bag

Lupita's Lip Balm Sales Prove the Power of Awards Season

The phone call Lupita Nyong’o received a few weeks before accepting her diploma alongside her fellow Class of 2012 Yale Drama graduates would be a life-changing one.

Ever since she received that call from Steve McQueen saying that she’d been cast as Patsey in '12 Years A Slave,’ Lupita has catapulted to A-List status, seemingly overnight. Her highly acclaimed performance resulted in recognition and awards of all types, including the coveted “Best Actress in a Leading Role” Oscar. Not only has Nyong’o managed to establish herself as a seriously gifted Hollywood actress in less than a year, but her poise and slender frame has garnered her serious attention in the fashion world.

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Lupita Nyongo Oscars 2014 lip balm

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How Brands Can Boost Consumer Awareness at the Primetime Emmy Awards 

Brands need to know the powerful leverage that PRIMETIME EMMY Awards have for consumer awareness. Hollywood's Award's Season offers A-List star studded partnership opportunities of the highest echelon that can be supported by brand sponsorship and advertising. 

Brands have historically been a part of the award show experience - from dressing the celebs in frocks and jewelry, to being the champagne poured at the parties, to sponsoring big-named events around the galas.

  • A recent entertainment survey found that 43 percent of consumer respondents stated they have been influenced to purchase a product after seeing it with a celebrity - through endorsement or seeding.
  • That's 43 percent more than zero percent! Something brand marketers should keep in mind!

Why should your brand consider being a part of the 2015 PRIMETIME EMMY Awards?

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Primetime Emmys

Marketing Your Brand At Awards Ceremonies

The Award Season is upon us! Securing a placement on the red carpet is one of the best ways to increase exposure and awareness of your brand. This year's Golden Globes were an amazing opportunity for brands to shine with a viewership tuned in of over 18 million viewers. From gift bags to table placements, the awards show season is as big an opportunity for brands to win as much as the awards coveted by celebrities. 

At this years Golden Globes, the bottled water brand, FIJI Water snatched the biggest win of all.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines FIJI Water's big win at the Golden Globes and effectively marketing your brand at awards ceremonies.

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Awards Show Gift Bags

Podcast EP 4: How To Have A Successful Celebrity Event Activation [Infographic]

Join Stacy Jones, the CEO and founder of Los Angeles entertainment agency Hollywood Branded. Learn from her 20 years of experience as she shares top notched advice on marketing best practices for brands and walks you through how to leverage entertainment content and influencer partnerships to increase your brand’s overall consumer engagement and most importantly, your sales.

In this Marketing Mistakes podcast episode, Stacy discusses additional steps a brand manager needs to take to have a successful celebrity event activation, ensuring the brand receives everything it needs from the experience.

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Celebrity gift bags are an amazing way for your brand to get in front of incredibly influential eyes. Check out our guide on how to best get your brand involved with event gift bags! 

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