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How The Media Giant Plans To Take On SVOD

Nowadays, streaming video on demand has completely taken over the media market. From Netflix to Amazon to HBO Now, users are cutting the cords and turning to SVOD. Now, Disney, one of the oldest and largest media conglomerates (with one of the largest media catalogs) in the world is breaking off from Netflix to start their own subscription service. 

This break off is big news for both the streaming and entertainment worlds.  And means even more changes to our viewing habits in the upcoming years. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at Disney's new streaming service and how it will affect the future of streaming video on demand. 

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Disney's New Service

The announcement from Disney comes as a surprise to many in the industry as Disney recently signed a contract with Netflix to extend their deal and keep much of their catalog on the streaming service. Rumors swirled that they were looking into buying the streaming service but they decided to go a different route.


Disney's catalog is so much more than just their animated classics. Or their kid-friendly sitcoms.  With its recent purchase of Lucasfilm, it will now include the Star Wars and Jurassic Park franchises as well as ESPN, which has huge live streaming potential for sporting events. 

This is massive news. Disney's catalog is an extremely valuable part of Netflix's catalog.  And while this most likely won't hurt the streaming giant who has been churning out award-winning original content for the past few years, it will introduce a new player in the streaming world.  And it also means Netfilx is going to have to continue to up their game on producing new content people want to tune in to.

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What Does This Mean For Brands?

Any big streaming news is good news for brand marketers. The freedom for product placement in streaming is so much greater than broadcast or even cable television because the TV networks limit placement without mega advertising dollars being channeled into the network. Many big cable and broadcast networks are strict with product placement and branding, but with streaming content, it's more like the wild wild west.


Shows like House of Cards, Mozart in the Jungle, and others have been massive wins for product placement and brand marketing. Especially when they win awards, like so many have. Plus, because streaming services make it so that you can watch a show again and again at your viewing pleasure, the product placement and brand integration benefits are uncapped.

How Can Your Brand Make Product Placement A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

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