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Most Popular Scripted TV Shows By State

Posted by Stacy Jones on December 27, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Shock Waves Felt Around Your State

It always takes a new series a while to build in popularity, but some TV series hit so close to home that they are eagerly embraced by viewers who find comfort in shared values, locations or just some je ne sais quoi that makes it feel like... you are part of the show in some weird sense. It makes sense that people flock towards ideas and beliefs that may mirror the communities they live in, but CableTV.com has taken it one step further to pull back the curtain on what shows are hot - where.

Thanks to this information, now brands can know where to wrap media or product placement campaigns if they have a specific regional target. We previously shared a blog post on favorite reality series by state and we have more info to share!  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at what the top scripted series are by state, so brands can better target their core consumers through product placement in these, or similar series on a regional basis. 

Copy of Most popular scripted TV shows by state.png 

How They Figured It Out

CableTV.com went in and analyzed IMDB (we LOVE IMDB - and use www.imdbpro.com on a daily basis) and Google Trends to find the top shows by each state.  The research concluded that viewers basically like to watch reality series that align with their general interests of their states.  So take a look below, and let us know if your state is spot on - or dead wrong in your opinion!

This is what CableTV found:  "Generally, viewers love to indulge in reality shows that reflect their own regional interests. Many of the popular reality TV shows in each state reinforced regional stereotypes and clichés. People in the South seem to enjoy watching the redneck branded, gun-toting Robertson family from Duck Dynasty. States infamous for polygamy embraced Sister Wives as their own, while those in the harsher New England climates preferred to test their skills with Survivor."

Some of the data shows TV shows that aren't actually producing new episodes - but they still have a solid place in (re-run) nightly viewing.

The States & Their Top Favorite Scripted Series

Alabama: Legends of Tomorrow

Alaska: Star Trek

Arizona: Aquarius

Arkansas: Smallville

California: Silicon Valley

Colorado: South Park

Connecticut: Gossip Girl

Delaware: Ballers

District of Columbia: Scandal

Florida: Tyrant

Georgia: Power

Hawaii: Lost

Idaho: Reign

Illinois: New Girl

Indiana: Supergirl

Iowa: Two and a Half Men

Kansas: The Flash

Kentucky: One Tree Hill

Louisiana: Queen Sugar

Maine: Stranger Things

Maryland: The Wire

Massachusetts: Ray Donovan

Michigan: Dexter

Minnesota: The Simpsons

Mississippi: Friday Night Lights

Missouri: Hannibal

Montana: Blue Bloods

Favorite TV show by state

Nebraska: Modern Family

Nevada: Lucifer

New Hampshire: The Fosters

New Jersey: The Sopranos

New Mexico: Breaking Bad

New York: Gotham

North Carolina: The Blacklist

North Dakota: Parks and Recreation

Ohio: How I Met Your Mother

Oklahoma: Homeland

Oregon: Grimm

Pennsylvania: Banshee

Rhode Island: Law & Order: SVU

South Carolina: Vice Principals

South Dakota: The Big Bang Theory

Tennessee: Nashville

Texas: Narcos

Utah: Once Upon A Time

Vermont: The X-Files

Virginia: Quantico

Washington: Cold Feet

West Virginia: Prison Break

Wisconsin: Castle

Wyoming: Orange is the New Black

So Now What?

Now that you can see what the trend is by state for favored scriptedprograms, you can truly start targeting your consumer market by regional interests.  Or find a show that is similar, and rest in comfort knowing they are going to have lots of similar viewers.

Is Product Placement right for your brand?  Watch this video to learn more about how this marketing practice works, what brand categories it works for, and the results brand marketers see!

Watch the video to learn what is Product Placement


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