Nespresso & Clooney Team Up Again In Iconic Hollywood Celebrity Endorsement Ad


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The Espresso Brand Is At It Again With The Dapper Leading Man

Nespresso has been working with George Clooney as their brand ambassador for over 10 years now, and somehow each ad gets better. And ever since Danny Devito shared the screen with Clooney last year in their hilarious spot, people have paid more attention than ever to the brand that managed to secure one of the most sought-after names in celebrity endorsements.

And Nespresson hasn't stopped there - bringing on more recognized faces in their current ads - and expanding into the realm of movie licensing.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at Nespresso's latest celebrity endorsement ad starring George Clooney and classic Hollywood stars in iconic traveling scenes from the silver screen.

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Nespresso's Latest Star-Studded Ad

The espresso and coffee company owned by Nestle may only release a few TV advertisements per year, but they certainly pull out all the stops when they do.  And those ads have some high ticket price tags for casting.

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In this ad, titled "Comin' Home," George Clooney chats with Andy Garcia on the phone who is enjoying espresso in paradise while George is stuck in the rain. Next we see Clooney as a part of some of the most famous travel scenes in the history of Hollywood, with the big stars to match.


First, he catches a ride with Kermit and Fozzie Bear in a recreation of the Muppet Movie, and hitches a ride with Burt Reynolds from Smokey and the Bandit. Next he finds himself in Janet Leigh's backseat from Psycho, and then dancing with John Candy in a scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. 

He then moves on to recreating Easy Rider on the back of Peter Fonda's motorcycle only to ride up to Nespresso on a horse, Seabiscuit style. Check it out: 

Why Clooney And Nespresso Make Such A Good Fit

Clooney and Nespresso go way back, since 2006 in fact. His obvious loyalty to the brand fosters a similar loyalty from its customers. If George Clooney loves it, well, so should we!

Another important reason why Nespresso and Clooney continue to be such a good fit is that their ads continue to get better and better. And this latest one is both funny and nostalgic, a feeling Rolex taught us works incredibly well with their Oscars night ad.

What is so interesting about the Nespresso/Clooney ads is that they continue to be successful in the traditional celebrity endorsement ad format - something that not all brands can pull off like they do. It's extravagant and enjoyable.

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