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Why Brands & Olympic Athletes Make A Good Partnership

Olympic athletes are some of the world's most influential, inspiring and motivating people on the planet. These humans have trained their whole entire life dedicated to their craft and making the olympics is the dream for most of these athletes. 

Olympians have the power to influence the people around them effortlessly due to the traits and super power qualities they naturally posses by being a successful athlete. Especially with the Olympics being right around the corner, these athletes have the power to drive brand awareness because they are currently in the spotlight leading up to their big day and even after. In this blog, Hollywood Branded will show the examples of 10 olympic athletes your brand should partner with this year. 

Olympic Athletes That Brands Should Work With

#1 Sha'Carri Richardson (Track and Field)

To start off our list, we have track and field superstar Sha'Carri Richardson. Richardson took the world by storm during the Track and Field Olympic Trials this past June, where she won the 100m race with fiery orange hair and a full face of glam. Not only is Sha'Carri a 21 year old track sensation, but has defeated many trials in her life that make her the person and athlete she is today, making her a great spokesperson for many brands out there. 

#2 A'ja Wilson (Basketball)

A'ja Wilson is well-known basketball player, who is prepped to help Team USA secure the gold medal in the Olympics. Wilson has been part of Team USA since 2017 and absolutely dominates the court, but real life as well. She has a foundation that is focused on helping youth who are dyslexic and bullied find resources and is the founder of "Burnt Wax," a candle company. 

#3 David Boudia (Diver)

David Boudia is a four time Olympic medalist in men's diving and one more medal would qualify him to match the record for most medals won in diving. Boudia is also an advocate of mental health awareness, especially after coming back from a concussion in 2018. Boudia's event was originally the 10 meter diving board, but after realizing his body need a change, he switched to the 3 meter dive.

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#4 Simone Biles (Gymnastics)

Simone Biles is a no-brainer when it comes to being one of the most athletic and entertaining athletes to watch at the Olympics. Biles is an Olympic Gold medalist in vault, floor, individual and all-team - all of which were won in the Rio 2016 Olympics. She recently boosted her resume by adding a new and very dangerous vault skill called the Yurchenko Double Pike. Biles is consistently pushing the envelope with her athletic ability and fans love her fire and passion to be the best. 

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#5 Grant Holloway (Track & Field)

Grant Holloway is a track and field athlete, who is currently the number 1 ranked men's 110 meter hurdler. He currently holds the world record for the 110 meter hurdles. 

#6 Caleb Dressel (Swimmer)

Caleb Dressel is a freestyle swimmer, who specializes in the sprints. He has broken records in the 50 meter freestyle and 100 meter butterfly. Dressel believes in leaving every room he touches a brighter place and inspiring others to believe in their greatness


#7 April Ross (Beach Volleyball Player) 

April Ross is a two time Olympic medalist from the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Ross is known for her energy and strong serve on the court, but even off the court she is beloved for her easygoing and relatable personality.

#8 Sydney McLaughlin (Track & Field)

Sydney McLaughlin is a 400m Hurdler and during the Olympic Trials last month she shattered the world record with an amazing time of 51.09. McLaughlin is a fan favorite because of her dedication and hard work on and off the track. 

#9 Nyjah Huston (Skateboarding)

Nyjah Huston is currently the top ranked skateboarder in the world right now. With skateboarding being the newest addition to the Tokyo Olympics, Huston could be the first ever Gold Medalist for this event. 

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#10 Megan Rapinoe (Soccer)

Last but certainly not least is Megan Rapinoe, who plays on Team USA soccer. Rapinoe leaves her mark anywhere she travels and plays, making her loved and appreciated all over the workd. 

Working With Olympic Athletes That Align With Your Brand

Olympians working with brands make for great partnerships because of the influence they shed on their fanbase and craft. The athletes above all are personable and well respected, making them great candidates to work with brands. 

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