Peloton’s Music And Pop Culture Programming Revolutionizes Fitness


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Endless Content Possibilities To Make You Move

Peloton’s secret sauce isn’t necessarily their fancy equipment and merchandising add-ons (although it helps)—it’s their vast library of music and pop culture themed workouts ranging from not only bike and treadmill but also yoga, barre, strength training and meditation.

Peloton takes the traditional gym membership but makes it more accessible at home while also making it a fun, constantly adapting space for in class content. There are a never-ending number of themed rides and specialized music playlists, making the experience of working out feel custom made to the member themselves. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses how Peloton utilizes pop culture and their library of music programming to revolutionize at home fitness beyond the traditional gym membership.

Peloton’s Music And Pop Culture Programming Revolutionizes Fitness

Peloton: For Any Fan, Anywhere

Fitness classes never truly stuck with me, being that I get bored easily and commuting to a studio felt like a chore. I wanted to bridge the gap between working out and having fun in my free time. During the start of the COVID lockdown in 2020, I was seeking something that could speak to me when my motivation to exercise was down and morale was pretty low. I always heard about Peloton but figured, what are they doing that other fitness apps are not? YouTube and social media have a never-ending supply of free at home fitness classes that I could try but keeping myself motivated and excited was short lived. I decided out of curiosity to sign up for the Peloton app and with one look through their database of classes, I was floored. Peloton has a never-ending supply of classes that spoke to me personally and my music taste. I found artist series that spanned all class types and some artist’s I’ve looked up to my whole life were already on the platform. That’s where the super fan in me got excited. Peloton’s programming team creates a range of classes based off of what is hot in Hollywood. It was there I was instantly hooked for what was next to come, eagerly awaiting my next workout.

Man riding Peloton bike

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The Motivation Is In The Music  

Peloton makes the music and storytelling of the artist series the “scenic view” or lack thereof you would get when cycling or exercising outdoors. The instructors are just like us—legitimate fans of an artist body of work, allowing the music to take center stage. It is this pure authenticity and excitement for the music and the artistry that makes you feel like you’re with your friend at a concert or a fan event. I remember riding the Backstreet Boys artist ride and instructor Cody Rigsby was diving into which Backstreet Boy was his favorite and why, all while I was pushing myself to make it through the class. I found myself nearly answering back to him on the screen. I had an ear to ear grin the entire time, even through some of the painful stretches of the class. I found that losing myself to some of my favorite songs allowed me to override the monotony or the advanced stretches of the workout. Peloton's impressive playlists and artist rides speak to the fitness subscriber but beyond that, to the music fan.

Cody Rigsby's Backstreet Boys ride

Photo Credit: Peloton

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Curated Playlists — Like A Pandora Station For Your Ride

With Peloton’s interface on the app and on their equipment, you are able to go through their library of available classes and pick and choose what workout you want to do. Not only that, but you are also able to see exactly what the music playlist looks like before you hit “Go” on your ride. Peloton has a never-ending slew of hand-selected genre rides like 90’s Pop, 80’s Hair Metal, EDM, Pop Punk and 2000’s Hip-hop. I go into the day usually having an idea of what class I want to take on. If I have had a bad day, I’ll likely want to listen to Hard Rock for a rage-induced cardio session. Sometimes I’ll want to have an easy going, enjoyable ride where I can sing along, in which case I’ll choose a low-impact pop ride. Peloton really nailed the concept that there is a music category for whatever mood you are in that day. The workouts I make time for are an extension of my personality and that’s what drives me to get the best possible outcome.

Beyonce quote

Photo Credit: Peloton

The Artist Series — A Fitness Partnership

Peloton's artist series is a dedicated collection of workouts which are a direct partnership with the artist. By artist's granting Peloton the rights to their song catalog, the team at Peloton programs a curated thematic experience for fans and riders alike. Peloton has the rights to hundreds of music libraries ranging from Prince to Ed Sheeran and Beyonce, among many others. These artist themed classes range throughout class types so you can get your fix on the bike, in a meditation, yoga and more. The Artist Series goes beyond just musicians—there are rides based off musicals like a Hamilton Ride or a RENT ride. They even feature movie soundtrack classes, like a James Bond 007 ride. The 007 class takes you through the history of all the James Bond theme songs and ran concurrently with the movie’s week of press. This specific use of promotion for the movie isn’t forced fed but instead piques your curiosity to watch current or old James Bond movies based off the music and conversation during your workout. Whether they are promoting a current Top 40 artist’s new album or cementing the legacy of an older generational artist, the music team at Peloton work in lock step with the entertainment industry to get a mutually beneficial partnership.

Beyonce Peloton Class Schedule

Photo Credit: Peloton

The Library Keeps Growing, Keeping The Subscriber Invested

There is no slowing down Peloton’s programming team. Every pop culture event under the sun and every holiday has a custom sleight of rides, too. The month of June has a subset of pride-themed rides for Pride month. The month of May has Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month rides featuring APIHM artists genre wide. There truly is a ride for anyone and everyone, which is so personally validating. I have been excited to see what new catalog or themed event is next in the pipeline. ABBA’s historic first ever Grammy nomination came out a few weeks ago, it is no wonder Peloton added an ABBA themed week of new classes to celebrate the illustrious history of the group. It is nearly impossible to run out of classes and the team behind programming is constantly adding in exciting and culturally relevant programming. By fully immersing their workouts to mirror Hollywood and pop culture trends, Peloton is revolutionizing fitness and how we look at it. Working out can be fun and my inner fan girl is so enriched.

Hamilton Ride

Photo Credit: Peloton

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