Phil Dunphy: Characters As Celebrity Endorsers Come To Life


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How NAR Used A Beloved Character To Spice Up Advertisements

A celebrity doesn't necessarily have to be themselves to make a good celebrity endorser. In fact, a character they play may in fact be the perfect spokesman for a brand.  For example, a new campaign from the National Association of Realtors uses Modern Family's Phil Dunphy to create hilarious "Phil's-osophies" TV spots.  And we think it's fantastic.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how NAR has turned an on-screen character into a perfect real-life celebrity endorser. 



The Ads Themselves

The most recent campaign by the National Association of Realtors features fictional real estate agent Phil Dunphy (played by real life actor Ty Burrell) in a series of "Phil's-Osophies" where he shares his home buying knowledge with viewers. 

There are a series of hilarious ads, check (just some!) of them out below!



Talking Houses 














What Makes Phil Dunphy A Great Celebrity Endorser?

Phil Dunphy, who is a realtor on Modern Family, is a perfect choice for the brand. The ads follow the vein and humor of the show to a tee – which is what makes it work. Especially when placed at the beginning, end and throughout the show’s commercial breaks.

It’s the organic and funny nature of the ads - as if they could actually be a part of the show - that makes them a win for the brand. Their viewers don’t feel bombarded by a traditional advertisements that delay their TV show.

And seeing as Modern Family is one of the most popular shows on television, the NAR really hit their mark.


Could A Celebrity Endorser Be Right For You

Celebrities and the characters they play can take your brand from zero to hero in no time flat... adding star power can make a big difference in you brand's marketing. Check out our article about cartoon characters who make amazing celebrity endorsers.

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