Promotional Products And Their Impact On Your Brand


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What Are Promotional Products?

You've seen awesome examples of promotional products, items branded with a company logo and gifted with the hopes the company will stay top of mind in your daily life.  And sometimes, there may actually be instances where you can't wait to get your hands on that branded freebie item that you picked up at a trade show, got delivered in the mail or were gifted at the time of purchase... however you happened upon it by  some on-purpose reason of the company. And then with other items that the company wants you to snatch up and keep forever... not so much. 

But do these products really impact your brand and its sales? Or is it just a waste of time and money? You'd be surprised to learn that over time, promotional items can actually be extremely impactful in increasing your brand awareness. In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines how promotional products impact your brand’s sales and awareness and can be a supplement to your marketing plan.

Promotional Products and Their Impact on Your Brand

How The Internet Changed Advertising

Today, people are spending more and more time online. Consumers will now engage with their favorite brands on social media and company websites while the internet can also track our every move. Yes you heard me right, the internet is a map of our every move. Kind of creepy? But, also a very helpful way for advertisers to study the demographics of their target market. It allows brands to discover their audience’s behaviors and preferences. In addition, it can help brands determine what merchandise will be most impactful to sell or give away.Promotional Merchandise

People Love Free Stuff!


Who doesn’t love free stuff? We sure do! Online marketing has been a big focus for brands lately, and promotional products have been pushed more to the side.

A promotional product is a source of specialty advertising that companies will use to get their brand more exposure. They are used to advertise your brand through merchandising. These items can be apparel, posters, hats, bags, mugs, and many more items.

However, these products still have a significant effect on a company and its sales. Merchandise can feel more personal to a consumer. It is the tangible aspect that makes people feel more connected to the brand and it will most likely leave a more impactful impression on the consumer.

About 76% of consumers remember a brand because of a promotional product they have received in the past year. Marketers may have to spend more on promotional products than an online advertisement, but these products reinforce brand awareness longer than a ten second commercial. In fact promotional products don’t have to be too costly, it can be something as small as a key chain or pen. Whether your brand sells these promotional products or gives them away as branded gifts, consumers will be more aware of your brand.

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Brand Awareness And Better Sales = WIN WIN!


Promotional products bring both brand awareness and an increase in sales. Your brand’s merchandise, also known as “Company Swag”, will most likely have your logo blasted all over it.


But did you know... consumers who have merchandise are more likely to have a positive image of the brand. They are also more likely to recommend the business to others.  Seriously. There are stats on this.


Brands who give promotional products to customers receive 22% more referrals than brands who didn’t. Also, as of last year, the merchandise industry had a 15.1% five-year growth rate with $21.3 billion in total sales in the U.S. Customers will be more responsive to your brand because of that big or little item they received from the company. They will always remember that branded “Panic at the Disco” tee shirt they got from Hot Topic or that free tote bag they got from PINK. Promotional products or gifts do make a difference!

Use Social Media


Social media can help get these products out there. Because everyone is glued to their phone 24/7, companies can post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, the new merchandise they are selling or giving away. This allows people to notice the items because it will be right in their face. You can even engage your audience by holding online contests to win a free branded gift. Whether you are promoting a film, TV show, clothing store, music artist, etc., you can create a contest related to your brand. This will then get the fans participating online and spreading the content around to their friends. One tag leads to another tag and your brand’s logo is going viral.

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Now Create Those Memorable Products


It is time to design the products that reflect your brand best! Whether it is a hat or mug, branded products will help your company gain interest by its audience. Check out some other blog posts our team wrote on marketing tips and brand sales.

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