Queen Bey and Barbie Team Up For A Celebrity Strategic Partnership


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How Beyonce's Stylist Created A Line Of Barbies Inspired By The Pop Star

Beyonce really is the Queen. And Mattel knows this. This is why they teamed up with her stylist to release a whole line of Beyonce-inspired Barbies, hoping to breathe new life into the toy company.

As Toy Story showed us, entertainment has been one of the most influential causes for toy sales. Incorporating movies and TV into toys for kids is in fact the majority of the toy market these days, and Barbie is keeping up with the times.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the new line of Barbies that is the result of a strategic partnership and licensing deal between Beyonce and Mattel.

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Barbies And Bey

Marni Senofonte has one of the best and hardest jobs in Hollywood: dressing Beyonce. The stylist is responsible for Queen Bey's look in her iconic album Lemonade as well as her look on her current tour. And now she's teaming up with Mattel to create these amazing dolls. (She's also now the celebrity stylist for Kendall Jenner - so you will be seeing her looks even more!)

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The designs are based off of Barbie's "Fashionista" line, which features dolls of varying body types, an effort by Mattel to be more inclusive of all women's styles.

While the Barbies aren't exclusively Beyonce-themed, they are inspired by her fashion sense as well as who she is as a person: a performer and an activist. And who better to design these than Beyonce's stylist herself?

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How Entertainment Affects Products And Merchandise

Our world is surrounded by entertainment. We see stars everywhere nowadays in movies, on social media, and in a good bit of advertising. Celebrity-inspired merchandise is a great way for toy companies to channel the power of media. 

From kid's toys to collectibles, from T-shirts to phone cases, using entertainment to inspire products is a vast and largely untapped universe for modern marketing. In fact, Netflix has announced plans to expand their market to include merchandising for their original series. An Eleven-inspired lunch-box from Stranger Things? We'll take it! Beyonce-inspired Barbies? Oh yeah.

Channeling the power of entertainment and celebrities can take many forms; this strategic partnership between Beyonce's stylist and Barbie is just the latest.

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