Regal Cinemas & Amazon Studios Provide Oscar Film Viewing Opportunities Pre-Awards Season


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How The Movie Theater Chain And Original Content Creator Are Celebrating Awards Season

Each year, Oscar nominations come out and many people realize they have missed seeing a nominated film while it was in theaters.  And often that film is not available yet to rent before the awards show. Others may have caught the original theatrical release, but wish they had an opportunity to see all the films again - in a traditional movie theater setting. 

In a unique offering, this year Regal Cinemas and Amazon Studios are teaming up to bring Oscar nominated movies to the public by hosting their own "Film Festival" at local movie theaters around the United States. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how Regal Cinemas and Amazon Studios provide Oscar film viewing opportunities pre-awards season.  

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"Film Festival" Looks To Breathe New Life Into Cinemas

Since the rise of SVOD, attendance at movie theaters has been steadily declining. Similar to "cord-cutters" cancelling cable in favor of streaming services, people like having access to movies from the comfort of their own home - for a fraction of theater prices.

Yet one of the top streaming services' original content studio, Amazon Studios, is looking to revive the idea of going to the movies. After all, its own film Manchester By The Sea, debuted in theaters across the United States to critical praise and has since earned 6 Oscar nominations. 


Regal Cinemas, a nationwide movie theater chain, will be hosting a "Best Picture Film Festival" at many of its theaters. Sponsored by Amazon Studios, the nine films nominated for Best Picture in the 2017 Academy Awards (La La Land, Manchester By The Sea, Hell Or High Water, Fences, Arrival, Lion, Hidden Figures, Hacksaw Ridge and Moonlight) will be shown multiple times each over the course of 10 days from February 17th to February 26.

Why This Is A Great Marketing Move

For $35, moviegoers can catch any movie at any time over the course of the week. It's a brilliant move on the part of Regal Cinemas who will undoubtedly also sell alcohol and refreshments during the festival and get people back into their theaters. On top of that, participants can enter into a sweepstakes to actually get to go to the Oscars.

By celebrating arguably the most important awards show in Hollywood, the two partners are promoting the idea of film as well as the magic of seeing those films on the big screen. It is essential to Regal Cinema's survival that people want to continue to enjoy going to the movies - and this is a big step in that direction.


For Amazon, it is a gentle reminder that their studios don't have their sights set solely on streaming video. They're aiming high, and if Manchester By The Sea is any indication, they will most certainly find success. 

By sponsoring a cinema chain, they are promoting classic cinema and in turn casting their brand name in a positive light, specifically for consumers who consider art and culture a big part of their brand loyalty. And, of course, they're reminding their viewers that they mean business when it comes to making films.  Plus of course, Amazon's films can't be nominated for theatrical wins unless they also are released in a theater... 


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