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From Celeb Collabs To Global Promotional Partnerships

Happy New Year and welcome to the first day of 2024! As we step into a new year, it's a time for reflection, gratitude, and looking forward to new opportunities. Sixteen years ago, Hollywood Branded began its journey, and since then, it has navigated through a myriad of challenges and celebrated numerous victories. Dynamic partnerships, creative campaigns, and a commitment to excellence in the world of branded entertainment have marked our journey.

In this article, Hollywood Branded shares insights into our achievements, partnerships, and the incredible journey we've embarked upon in the ever-evolving landscape of Hollywood and pop culture branding.

Ringing  In 2024 Hollywood Brandeds Year of Success Blog

Welcome To A New Year

Happy very first day of 2024!  Whether you are reading this bleary-eyed from a night that went longer than you planned or are catching up on your inbox a few days late... Happy New Year!  

Sixteen years after launching Hollywood Branded, I have so much gratitude for all those who have helped support Hollywood Branded in achieving tremendous success over the years. It certainly has been a decade and a half of challenges - and wins.

We've encountered the most complex and unimaginable challenges on this rollercoaster of a ride of agency ownership - and we are not only still hanging in there, we are stronger and growing more than ever!  

Our Partnerships

This year has included numerous branded commercial shoots with celebrities,  placement and branded integrations galore in movies and series, co-branded movie partnerships driven by clients' media, music videos with artist social media overlays,  influencer campaigns that absolutely drove sales and grew awareness, and so many other partnerships that our team has brought to life!

Our Team

Our incredible team of passionate and driven rockstar team partners who approach campaigns creatively and push themselves to build from thin air robust (and often challenging on so many levels!) branded pop culture partnership campaigns.

Our Client Partners

Our client partners who enable us to bring our visions to life under their watch while building brand reputation campaigns that provide impact often for decades to come.  We are honored to work alongside you and to be considered part of your team - and friends. 

Our Production + Talent Partners

Our production and talent partners across Hollywood and pop culture who work with us to build campaign after campaign from scratch, building mutually beneficial partnerships that benefit everyone.  

HB In The News 

Hollywood Branded and I have been fortunate over the last twelve months to be included as a celebrity brand expert in media interviews around the world.  My claim to fame now includes talking (a lot) about how Taylor Swift is obviously taking over the world with interviews ranging from Forbes, Bloomberg, Robb Report, to top beauty collabs with Cosmetics Business, ageism in Hollywood with Morning Rush, and junk food advertising with the Washington Post. I was even included as a somewhat 'regular' on Scripps News, discussing everyone from Robert De Niro and Gwyneth Paltrow's ski accident trial to repeat discussions over the seven months of the Hollywood Strike. And so many more...  

Not only did  I enjoy London thanks to some work travel, I also was able to entertain (because come on, it IS akin a bit to celebrity gossip) and educate those across the pond, with interviews ranging from BBC World News discussing Mariah Carey's incredible Christmas marketing strategy, to Megan and Harry's future with the London Evening Standard and The Sunday Times.  Then there was Kate Beckinsale's hit movie success with UK Daily Mail, and Robert De Niro's trial with The Sunday Times and rise of celebrity documentaries with The Guardian.

And a big thank you to Critical Mention, our media monitoring service partner, who helps us capture and put metrics and value to all those interviews and additional article inclusions. With just under 500 media mentions of original interviews and picked-up soundbites, my interviews and our blogs have reached an audience of over 3.8 billion, with a media value of over $31 million for Hollywood Branded across the internet, print, and land of TV. Yay me. Some of those interviews are in foreign lands in the middle of the night or crack of dawn:)

My Husband

My husband, Ian Drummond, who in 2019 left a quarter-century career in education administration and operations to dive head-first into the crazy and frenetic world of agency life. He joined to help better bring my vision of continued growth for Hollywood Branded to fruition. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, I'm so lucky and blessed to be able to work together (happily!) and have him as a true partner across every aspect of our lives. The last four years since Covid stopped Hollywood's cameras, and up to the recent work stoppage thanks to striking unions, these years have been some of the roughest we've experienced on so many levels of juggling to make it all still work.  There truly is no one I would rather have as a partner in life - Happy 57th Birthday Ian! (I can confidently say, and try to do so on as many occasions as possible - he's absolutely the best thing to have happened to me in my entire life!)

You, Our Reader

And of course, a big thank you to YOU, for sharing part of your day with both my and our team's content each week. When we hear from our readers that they enjoy our educational take on pop culture on new business calls or from a random emailed note, it makes our day. 

Thank you sincerely for the time you share with us. We're delighted to be of service to help provide insights and how-to-action on building successful partnerships in the wild and wacky world of Hollywood, celebrities, and influencers! It's more than just a little wacky sometimes, and we love helping brands be able to make strategic sense of potential opportunities. :)

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