Snapchat Debuts New "World Lenses" With Huge Brand Sponsorship Potential


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How Snapchat's New Feature Creates An Augmented Reality - That Can Be Branded

Snapchat recently debuted their new world lens feature, which allows users to interact with 3D objects that appear and are anchored seemingly in the real world. And at Advertising Week's New York conference, the social media platform announced its new advertising platform that will allow brands to create sponsored world lenses.

Brands are already taking advantage of this, with Warner Bros. using the feature to advertise their new Blade Runner 2049 and Bud Light creating their own world lens - and there are undoubtedly more to come. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the launch of Snapchat's new "World Lenses" feature and its massive brand sponsorship potential. 

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So What Are World Lenses?

Snapchat is constantly adding features to their platform to make it stand out to those like Instagram and Facebook who seem to be consistently copying their trends, like adding Spectacles and their very own original content. And in their newest update, users can now create an augmented reality.

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World lenses are similar to filters, but take it to a whole new level. These lenses add virtual objects to the world around you, creating a 3D reality you can walk through and interact with using your phone. Similar to Pokemon Go, users see objects on their phones as being in the real world. Check it out:



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What Does This Mean For Brand Marketers?

Snapchat has already opened this feature up for brand marketers to create their own world lens. Warner Bros. created a world lens to promote their upcoming reboot Blade Runner 2049 featuring the spinner car from the series that flies around wherever you're standing and Bud Light's lens puts a little beer vendor in your world.

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And this is just the tip of the AR advertising iceberg. With this new feature, brands can advertise in the future, with creative social media marketing strategies that users can actually interact with and share with their friends.

And while the Bud Light and Warner Bros. world lenses may not be jaw-droppingly interesting, they represent a brand new trend in advertising that will undoubtedly blow up soon. And we have no doubt we will start seeing some extremely creative stuff.

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