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How Your Brand Can Market Through This Trend

If the first decade of the century was the age of the rise of social media, the years starting in 2010 will be known as the age of sharing stories within social media. The new social phenomena started with Snapchat and due to its' success, moved to both Instagram and Facebook.  

All three of the most-used social networks have leveraged the trend and growing fact that photos and videos reward the voyeur in all of us - giving a look into users' current experiences.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded explains what stories are in Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, and why brand marketers should adapt their strategies as the growing trend of social stories are the future of brand marketing.

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What Is A "Story" In Relation To Social Media?

Snapchat was the original engineer of this trend with their photo-sharing app. After the release of their "My Story" feature, they had discovered a way to monetize their app. Since then, brands and media outlets have become a part of the trend, posting their own stories as branded content. Paid advertisements in between these also became more commonplace. And Facebook and Instagram followed suit.

Snapchat's My Story

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The "story" phenomenon has many names. On Snapchat, it's "My Story," while on Instagram you simply add images or videos to "Your Story." And just recently, Facebook released their version of the same thing via their Messenger app that is called "My Day." While all three of these are located on different platforms, they each do basically the same thing.

Instagram's Your Story

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On each, you can take photos and videos that are visible to your followers for 24 hours. Users can add stickers, captions, drawings and filters to their posts as well. However each is different in its own way. For example, Snapchat is meant to be raw, unfiltered and in the moment while Instagram tends to have a more polished, artsy feel. Facebook messenger is still new, so time will tell what sets it apart style-wise.

Facebook's My Day

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While all three are different and yet the same, it is still important for brand marketers to understand all of them, and if your brand relies heavily on social media marketing, your marketing strategy should include all three. 

How Your Brand Should Use The "Story" In Your Brand Marketing Strategy

1. Connect With Your Consumers

Since these stories are shown to those consumers or fans who follow your, connect with them! Encourage them to create their own stories with your product, suggest social media hashtags and contests, and share fans with your product on your own page, giving them credit. Millennials highly value loyalty in their preferred brands, and by connecting with them, you are driving a sense of connection and appreciation.

2. Coordinate A Celebrity Takeover

As shown on Snapchat, a celebrity takeover can do wonders for your brand. From Victoria's Secret models taking over the brand Snapchat before the annual fashion show to Salt 'n' Pepa taking over the Deadpool film's Snapchat the week before it came out, celebrity takeovers are a great way to drive engagement as well as viewership for your brand. The age of traditional celebrity endorsements is giving way to this new kind of celebrity interaction on social media.

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3. Show Your Brand's Creative Process And Personal Side

The intimate nature of the "story" trend means people are looking for that personal feeling when they use that particular social media. Make your brand personal, post pictures of employees enjoying themselves at your cool office or your whole team celebrating a holiday. Show your product being made, and the people who help make it happen. Connect with your fans on a personal level.

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