Snapchat's New Update Is Great News For Brand Marketers


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How The Social Media Platform Continues To Evolve 

Snapchat, one of the largest social media platforms, knows you have to evolve to stay relevant nowadays. This is why they are constantly changing and updating their app to involve new ways to share photos and videos, as well as incorporating brand marketing and original content from media companies like A&E.

In their latest update, Snapchat has included a way to link to websites, giving brands a great way to direct traffic to their own websites - driving traffic like never before. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the latest Snapchat update and why it's great news for brand marketers.

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Snapchat's 'Paperclip' Feature Incorporates Websites Into The App

Snapchat has recently released a new update that includes the 'Paperclip' function, allowing users to attach websites to their Snaps. This function is big news for brands, who can now link directly to their web pages through their Snapchat marketing. 

This is a way for Snapchat to compete with their main competitor - Instagram - which doesn't allow users to put links in their stories unless they have over 10,000 followers, and no one can post links in their captions, an annoying hurdle for social influencers.  And a big negative for brands who use influencers to get more website visits.

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This wasn't the only update that came with the new version. Users can now put backgrounds behind things in their pictures as well as Voice Filters, which can change the voices of anyone in the video.

This update comes on the tail of SnapMaps, which allow users to find friends around them and see what they're doing, just another example of Snapchat constantly evolving to meet the growing social media demands of both users and brands.

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Why Is This Good For Brand Marketers?

With new hurdles put in place everyday for brands and brand marketers on social media, brands should see this as a huge win. It shows that Snapchat is embracing its marketing usefulness to brands and giving them a platform to directly reach their fans. 

What's so wonderful too, is that when brands work with social influencers, the influencers themselves can link directly to the web page of the brand they are promoting. This is a huge step for Snapchat and brand marketers should pay attention.

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The New Frontier - Is Your Brand Ready For It?

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