SVOD Original Content Gets High Accolades At Golden Globe Noms


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How SVOD Original Content Is Earning Big Awards Season Nods

Once again, streaming services have proven they are redefining the way we consume television and film. Between Netflix and Amazon, the SVOD giants have secured 17 Golden Globe nominations in both television and movie categories.

Not only are both Netflix and Amazon taking away spots from traditional networks, but are in fact competing against each other in television categories.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares how the excellent content of Streaming Video on Demand services are continuing to break into awards season with the Golden Globe nominations.

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Heavy Competition In The Television Categories

Amazon and Netflix go head to head in many of the television categories. While in years past, Netflix has relied on proved critically-acclaimed successes House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, this year they are receiving more attention for their new series Stranger Things and The Crown.

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Stranger Things, led by the talented Winona Ryder and a mostly young, newcomer cast became an instant cult hit after being released this summer. With its 80’s-heavy style and soundtrack, viewers were wooed by a sci-fi adventure somewhere between E.T., The Goonies and Stand By Me.

The newly released drama The Crown has been making waves for Netflix. It is up for two Golden Globes in the Best Drama Series category as well as the Best Actress category for star Claire Foy. 


Amazon has two tried-and-true competitors in the running. Both Transparent and Mozart In The Jungle have pulled in multiple Golden Globe awards, often competing against each other in the Best Actor and Best Comedy Series categories. And both return to the Globes this year with nominations for Best Comedy Series.


Amazon Bets Big With Manchester – And It’s Paying Off

Amazon paid a reported $10 million for the Casey Affleck and Kenneth Lonergan flick, Manchester By The Sea at Sundance this year. And with 5 Golden Globe nominations and plenty of Oscar buzz, it seems they made the right choice.

They did a smart marketing move by getting Matt Damon, a producer on the film, to do the commercial trailer spots, bringing star power to an otherwise less-known cast.

The film, which tells the tale of a blue-collar handyman from Boston who is left to be the caretaker of his nephew after his brother’s sudden death, is up for Globes in much of the top categories: Best Actor, Best Motion Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actress.


And this isn’t the only film getting buzz for Amazon. Their foreign film, The Salesman, also has a nomination in its category. 

We’ve been hearing a lot about Amazon picking up distribution rights at film festivals, and this is the first big sign of how successful that business maneuver may prove to be. For more on Amazon, check out our blog post Amazon Video: The Future Of Branded Content?

But don’t forget – Netflix also has a film in the running with its drama Divines, up for Best Foreign Film. Divines is a crime drama set in the outskirts of Paris and was released to critical acclaim earlier this year.

Why This Is So Important For Streaming Services

The Golden Globes are a unique awards show. Including film and television as well as music awards means members of all three industries determine winners. In this way, the Golden Globes are a good indicator of what the entertainment industry as a whole thinks about current content. In other words, a thumbs-up from the Globes is a very big thumbs-up indeed.


As streaming services gain more and more traction during awards season, it only goes to solidify what we have been saying: original content from streaming services is changing the way we view the entertainment world.

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