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The Bachelor Celebrity Influencers: From The Rose To The Followers

Posted by Sarah Johnson on July 12, 2017 at 8:11 AM

A Chance At Love Or Fame

Since 2002, one of America’s most popular reality drama shows is the Bachelor/ Bachelorette series. Throughout the show, contestants are trying to win over the hearts of the Bachelor or Bachelorette by obtaining a single red rose each week, so they have the chance to win the show - or at least have one more week of romantic adventures! For all but one contestant, they won’t walk away engaged with the final rose, but they may walk away with a whole new world opened to them:  Brand endorsement deals. 

There are always speculations over whether some contestants are on the show for “the right reasons” - to find love or find fame. But if played right, there is ALMOST the guarantee of becoming a celebrity social media influencer. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded discusses how past contestants of The Bachelor become viable celebrity social influencers for brand endorsements. 

The Bachelor Blog.png


How These Reality Stars Gain Popularity

Once The Bachelor contestants lose their place on the show, they return to their hometowns and back to their relatively normal lives. Not long after that, fans of the season find these contestants and start to question the women’s outfit choices from a certain episode or what hair care product they use. This almost instantly starts their social influencer career in the right direction.

There are more steps of course... but that's the reality of the reality star - just being on TV and having inquisitive fans leads to a social following that will continue to rise - as long as the reality star knows how to play it, and keep them engaged.

And then chi-ching!! Brands start taking notice.

Companies want to work with these 'everday' celebrity influencers who are more relatable than the mega-stars on screen, and who are also WAY more cost affordable to have as brand ambassadors.  

Celebrity Endorsement Deal Case Studies That Made Sales Happen Video

A Look At Past Season Bachelor Influencers

Not only do most of these women have popular social media accounts, they also have invested a lot of time into building blogs.  ZVersus just a brand shout out or a photo inclusion, it is here that they talk about their individual outfits, foods they love, and where they have travelled. They are basically a walking/talking advertiser.

One of our favorite blogs is by Caila Quinn (withlovecaila.com) who appeared on both Ben’s season of The Bachelor and The Bachelor in Paradise. She lives in New York and now shares and markets her whole life, her entire routine, on social media.


There’s also Becca Tilley and Jojo Fletcher, who were not only competing contestants on the show but also best friends. Their Instagram accounts consist of marketing for bathing suit companies, hair care products, and sunglasses companies.  And even more brands... The two are paid to go on trips to exotic places together, to snap a few quick pictures with a specific product and then asked to upload those pictures to Instagram. Tough life, right?  




Another Bachelorette-Turned-Influencer is Amanda Stantonn, who is known for her beautiful hair and even more beautiful daughters. She is constantly representing hair products and clothing companies for kids. The list of products for social media placement is endless!

Amanda Stantonn.png

 A Few of the Popular Brands

Some of the popular products to be advertised include @SugarBearHair,@Fabfitfun boxes, @Diffeyewear, and @PONDS.

The most popular of the four being advertised by past contestants is Sugar Bear Hair. You can check out our blogs on The Kardashians who helped make this brand famous.  Read What Brand Managers Need To Know About Social Influencers or our post A Brand Guide To Khloe Kardashian Instagram Posts.

These gummies are used to increase hair growth, create strong healthy hair, and it supposedly has tons of vitamins in it. They have continuous five star reviews and their users swear by the product. So if our social media influencers swear by it, why wouldn’t we want to try it? Their testimonies about each company make it sound like they have been using these products for years and that it has completely changed their lifestyle. But hey, it works.

And hey - the influencers HAVE NOT been using them for years.  But dollars paid can help make anything become true... 


These companies were relatively unknown before they approached past contestants of the The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and other influencers like The Kardashians.  And since then the companies have become increasingly popular.  This is a great demonstration of how important social influencers can be when it comes to representing a certain brand or product.


Celebrity Endorsement and Brands

Now that you know how affective celebrity endorsements can be for brands, why not check out our Social Influencer Guide for more information on how you can make your brand more popular through social influencer marketing! 

The Only Guide You Need To Hire Social Influencers E-Book


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