What Brand Managers Need To Know About Social Influencers Not Marking Posts As Ads


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Instagram Posts The Kardashian/Jenner’s 'Forgot' To Mark As Advertisements

The Kardashians and Jenners figure prominently in our blogs based on the sheer number of brands we speak to who are interested in working with the clan.  After all, these are the founders of celebrity social media, and are followed closely around the globe to see what works, and what doesn’t, in the influencer space. 

To many, they live in a cyber world of perfection, but sometimes they make mistakes that get a lot of notice.  Such as their blunder with the FTC, where Instagram posts were not been identified as advertising.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares examples of past Instagram posts by the Kardashian and Jenner clan, and what a brand manager should expect in order to stay within the black and white terms of the social influencer post laws.    

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So the question is – were the Kardashian and Jenner clan posting non-identified posts on purpose or on accident?    Brands want posts to appear as organic as possible, and influencers share the same sentiment.  Once you put in the #ad or #sponsored that the FTC is now requiring to all social media posts, engagement likely does suffer to a degree. 

But just how ‘out of it’ are consumers?  It’s pretty easy to tell when an influencer is being paid to post.  You just don’t hold a bottle of hair growth jelly vitamins ‘just so’ with the label out otherwise.  These shots are distinguishable and usually staged, and quite frankly, out of the norm for most social influencers.  Kylie provides photos of her OOTD, and Kim more often than not posts glamourous photos of her own body and dress.  So when they post a branded photo as they are holding up a bottle of Sugar Bear Hair or any product, it’s more of a ‘no duh’ scenario – the consumer is clued in.


Kourtney is a Manuka Doctor Ambassador as she's stated in show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and we see it all over her Instagram as well. Not only is she an ambassador but she's the spokeswoman for this small company that provides healthy skin care made with all natural honey.  This is actually public knowledge – and based on her outspoken paid endorsement of the brand, actually may fall outside of the rules of needing to be #ad every time. 

The FTC has made allowances that if a celebrity endorser is known publicly for being the face of a brand’s advertising campaign, #ad is not needed – at least everytime.  Plus… by saying she’s an #ManukaAmbassador – she’s pretty much calling it out that she’s being paid.  Or should we just think that out of love for the brand she’s posting about it? Nah….



Kim is all about the glitz and glamour, which is why she's partnered with many different jewelry companies, including Lorraine Schwartz being one that Kendall enjoys as much as Kim does. Check out their blog posts which offer information on Lorraine and other jewelry companies: A Brand Guide To Kim Kardashian-West Instagram Posts here and A Brand Guide To Kendall Jenner Instagram Posts here.

Now, Kim has called out that she’s going to an event for @degrisogono.  But the question is – was she paid to attend, or provided jewels in exchange.  If so, that DOES violate the new FTC laws, as celebrities who attend events and post about it are supposed to include something similar to #ad.



Khloe is known to take risks when it comes to her hair, dyeing it bleach blonde, as well as being a close friend to extensions. But that is major torture to her real hair, this is where OUAI comes in. OUAI offers daily hair care and scalp treatments, as well as styling products and travels sized hair care products, which is great for someone that expresses themselves through their hair.  And Khloe appears to love the brand.  But doesn't include the fact that the brand definitely loves (and likely pays) her as well - as she skips #ad.



Kendall is SUCH a model.  And massive influencer who young girls all over the world hang their future look on. Which is why brands like Calvin Klein love dressing her - who wouldn't, she's naturally gorgeous. But Kendall has a way of attracting an audience on her social media - and showing her bottom definitely doesn't hurt. If only she called out Calvin Klein himself by tagging him and adding '#ad'. Now - there wasn't a @CalvinKlein or a #CalvinKlein - the picture itself truly does tell a thousand words.  But an endorsement? Yes.



At least Queen Kylie called out Balmain to give him his moment. She's known for being glamorous just like her older sister Kim - and Kim has even said one day she'll pass the baton to her youngest sister as she's the most likely to follow in her footsteps and become the next Kim, which is almost everyone's dream.  Now - money likely was not exchanged. And the dress was probably a loaner - so does it actually violate the rules?  No compensation means not a paid gig... so likely safely skirts the issue.

By the way - check out the picture of the post below - see the spam account - it happens more than you think, and there is a high possibility that a very lage number of the Kardashian and Jenner clan have bots and spammers filling a decently large portion of their accounts.


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