The Background Behind Euphoria’s Cast


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Do You Ever Wonder How Euphoria Chose Their Cast?

Euphoria has become one of the most-watched shows on HBO. If you are reading this, you most likely have heard about the talented cast that has made Euphoria blow up all around the world. Whether it's through TikTok videos, Instagram posts, and Twitter, this show has taken over people's lives and has everyone talking. 

Some of the coolest aspects about this series are how some of the main characters never even had acting experience prior to being cast for the show. The team behind Euphoria did an amazing job of searching for actors and actresses outside of the industry to find which individuals could fit the part exactly.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded explains which characters from Euphoria had no acting experience, and how these individuals made the show a lot more interesting for its viewers - even outside of the show. 

The Background Behind Euphorias Cast

How Angus Cloud Got Cast in a Hit Show Without Any Acting Experience

I can confidently say that Fezco is one of my favorite characters on Euphoria. Angus Cloud plays Fez, a drug dealer with a big heart. He is caring and sympathetic throughout each episode and watching how his character evolved throughout Seasons 1 and 2 was mind-blowing.

One of the most interesting facts about the cast of Euphoria is how Cloud was cast to play one of the main roles. He had no background in acting which became a very talked-about topic through social media platforms such as Tik-Tok, Instagram, and Twitter. People were beyond curious as to how Cloud got chosen for this part. 

In 2021, Cloud was walking down a street in Manhattan. He was stopped by a representative who explained that she worked for a casting company. The woman begged for him to come and read for a new TV series. Cloud explains his confusion and immediately thought it was a scam. He entered the audition and was then asked to come back and read again but this time, with the pilot's director. Soon after that, Euphoria got picked up by HBOMax and Cloud moved to Los Angeles to shoot for the show. 

As Cloud got the hang of shooting each episode, he studied each set and scene in order to understand how his character should be portrayed throughout the film. He expanded his knowledge on the entertainment industry and with his quick learning and dedication to his character Fez, he was then asked to join Season 2. Cloud's path to Euphoria makes the show a lot more interesting since it really shows how he grew from this life-changing experience. 

Hunter Schafer's Path To Euphoria 

Did you know that, before Euphoria, Hunter Schafer had never acted on screen before?

When watching Euphoria, I would have never guessed that Schafer had never acted before. Her story on how she became one of the lead roles is definitely an interesting one and makes the show's background all the more intriguing.

Schafer had been modeling in New York City for about a year and always planned on attending fashion school. During this time, she noticed on Instagram that there was a casting call that continuously showed up on her IG page. The post mentioned that it was for trans girls that didn't need experience in acting. It did not mention anything about the show that was to become Euphoria.

Schafer was always interested in acting but never pushed herself to get lessons or really pursue it. She decided to go for it and received a call from her modeling agency who, later on, set her up with an acting coach. She was a natural and ended up being casted for the show.

Jules is a character that millions of people have found themselves connecting with especially on and off the show. Both, Schafer and Cloud are individuals who have really made a path for themselves in this industry. The team did an amazing job of making the audience fall in love with the individuals on and off the show.  

Why Did the Euphoria Director Want To Cast Unknown Actors?

It's definitely not the norm for casting directors to look away from individuals who have already established themselves in the industry. This is definitely what made the story way more interesting to its viewers since the audience got to learn and connect with these individuals - even off the show. 

Euphoria is a bold show that has a unique combination of individuals who have acting experience while also incorporating others who have never been on the big screens. Seeing Cloud and Schafer act in such a natural way made the show even better, especially because you can tell a large amount of work that was put into making these seasons come to life. 

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Want to Learn More About Euphoria's Cast?

Euphoria is a perfect example of how you can incorporate a variety of individuals that hold different experiences when it comes to acting. The key skills that the Euphoria team used to grow this show were eye-opening and definitely a great show to learn from due to the amount of effort they devoted to when finding their cast.

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