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Will You Marry Me?

Of course hearing those words, getting the rings, planning a wedding, dancing the night away, and starting a new life with your ‘forever partner’ is something that everyone looks forward too. However when social influencers tie the knot, their platform, audience reach, and potential brand and business opportunities get a whole lot bigger.

Power Couples have been popular on all forms of social media outlets, especially YouTube, for quite some time. They are able to share their life experiences, difficulties, improvements, and daily activities with their subscribers. The content that they create is both relatable, marketable, unique, and entertaining.  In fact, YouTube couples have been able to build major brand partnerships through their platform, as well as creating and marketing their own business extensions. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses how brands can benefit through collaborating with YouTube power influencer couples. 

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Power Couples Are Relatable. Brands Like That. 

The power of many influencers is that they can seem like almost a friend, someone relatable, someone who is able to be connected with.  That is what draws people to their channel. Viewers - and I can attest to this, we want to watch something that they feel is possible in their life. We want to feel the love and emotion that Power Couples portray in their videos.

With that being said, Power Couples are able to spread their content to double the amount of people. Why? Simply because there are two content creators. Usually, couples have a joint YouTube as well as other forms of social media. But, they also have their own personal channels and accounts too. Power Couples are not only great at creating a following for their relationship, but they are also able to gain an individual following. This allows for brands to partner with one member of the duo because he or she may have a different type of audience base than the other.

For example, if a beauty company sees that one member in a relationship is very interested and passionate about beauty routines, the company is then able to partner with that person. But, the brands exposure doesn’t stop there. The significant other will most likely re-post their partners content on their personal accounts as a means of love and support. This is a “two-for-one” scenario. The brand is paying one influencer for exposure, but in reality, gets that influencer and their husband or wife as well. For example, Chrissy Teigen has 30.1 million followers on Instagram, while her husband, John Legend, has 12.6 million. Together their total reach is 42.7 million people. Crazy amount, right?

Love Couple YouTube Couples                                                                                                                               Photo Credit:

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Power Couple #1: Jess and Gabriel Conte

Now this is a modern-day love story. Why? Because their relationship started, and still is, revolved around social media. Back in 2015, Jess, who is originally from Australia, direct messaged Gabe on Instagram asking what church he goes to in Los Angeles since she would be making the 15-hour plane ride to LA in January of 2016. Both Jess and Gabe are religious and have made that known to their following. It was that one direct message that would spark a life-long love connection; in September 2016 they got engaged. That December, the couple got married.

Both Jess and Gabe had a following before meeting each other. Gabe first got traction on Vine and Jess was popular for her beauty and lifestyle videos. They then decided to create a joint YouTube channel, “Jess and Gabriel,” that currently has 3.24 million subscribers. On top of that, Gabe’s personal YouTube has 1.87 million subscribers, while Jess’ has 2.34 million subscribers.

Their individual accounts focus on different messaging, which attracts a different audience base on each channel. Gabe’s personal account is more focused on video production, music, and personal experiences. While, Jess’ is based on lifestyle, vlogging, and beauty routines. But, of course, they each play a big part in each other’s personal videos as well.

Brands have noticed that. In videos, Jess and Gabe both promote their Spotify and iTunes playlists bringing more awareness and activity on both of those platforms. Jess has also had brand partnerships with Princess Polly and Fabletics just to name a couple of examples.

Jess and Gabe understand the power of collaboration and creating content that is tailored to their audience base. In fact, with that in mind, they even created their own clothing brand, Conteam. The clothing brand is tailored around the message of their YouTube platform, “Made for Meaning.”

That is the power of social influencers, especially Power Couples. Their creativity goes way beyond content creation. It goes into personal and joint business ventures as well. For brands, Conteam is a great opportunity for collaboration and exposure.

Jess and Gabriel Conte Brand Power Couple Youtube influencer

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Power Couple #2: Jatie Vlogs

Yes, even YouTube Power Couples get “couple names.” In this case, Jatie is a joint name between Josh and Katie, who are the masterminds behind the popular account, Jatie Vlogs. With 2.37 million subscribers, Josh and Katie know how to create content that keeps viewers engaged and increases their watch time, which is a YouTube algorithm that helps promote and gain more exposure to their videos. 

Their joint channels is filled with prank videos, life stories, quizzes, and couple videos ranging from “Kicking Him Out for No Reason” to “Proposing To My Girlfriend In Front Of Millions Of People”

Similar to Jess and Gabe, this Power Couple has capitalized on the brand and audience that they have built and created their own personal businesses as well as taken part in brand sponsorships on YouTube and Instagram.

Most recently, Jatie Vlogs has been promoting Draft Kings in their most recent YouTube video and description hoping that their audience base will use their code to join and enter a shot at winning one million dollars.

However, Katie does have her own personal YouTube Channel. This channel, again, has a totally different audience than the one of Jatie Vlogs. Her channel is all about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. In the past, Katie has partnered up with Clinique, Fabletics, and KISS Products to sponsor her YouTube Videos, while partnering with other brands and products like, Sour Patch Kids, Bumble, Cleen Beauty, and Dunkin’ Donuts on Instagram. 

Josh and Katie have also created a website,, that has their own personal business’ included as well. Whether it be Jatie Beauty Products, J80 Fit apparel, or watching their videos, it all can be found on their website. In addition to this, they have created Instagram accounts promoting each sector of the Jatie brand and have found a way to monetize fan-base clubs. Click here to check that out!

Jatie Vlogs Power Couple YouTube Partnerships

Photo Credit: Instagram

Power Couple #3: Kara and Nate 

Kara and Nate are by far my favorite YouTube Power Couple right now. Honestly, I just found their channel a little less than a year ago, but I have been addicted ever since. Their whole platform is based around this one theme: sharing to their viewers what the world has to offer.

How do they do this? Well, four years ago, after they got married, they packed up and left their hometown of Nashville, and set out on their journey of visiting 100 countries. Over this four year journey, they shared to their subscriber base of 1.49 million people the different food, cultures, accommodations, and their means of travel across the whole entire world. Whether it be  Israel, the Maldives, Egypt, or the other 97 that they visited, Kara and Nate created meaningful content that informed their viewers about the world. Their YouTube also turned into a review of airport lounges, business class seats, and first class train seats.  

They have been able to not only capture viewers based on their crazy adventure, but they have also tapped into another audience demographic: those who are airplane and train fanatics. These people can go to their channel and not only learn, but see what airline companies have to offer.

Through their platform, they have been able to build brand partnerships with, Adobe, Amazon Epidemic Sound, TravelCon, AirBnb, and many others. In addition to brand partnerships, they’ve  been able to have their content get sponsored. One example is Surfshark. In their most recent video, Kara and Nate dedicated one minute to talk about this company and how they have used their services, such has using their VPN, to allow them to surf the web and protect their personal data.

But it doesn’t stop there- Kara and Nate, like Jess and Gabe and Jatie, have capitalized on their platform to create their own businesses. One is the company, Faredrop (check out the video here and website here). Basically, Faredrop helps users save money on flights around the world. Another business that they have started is online tutorials on how to edit videos - for a $97 enroll fee.

Another reason why I really enjoy watching Kara and Nate’s videos is not just for the content, but because of how transparent they are as people and content creators. On their website, they have a section for “Income and Expense Reports.” They are transparent of how much money they make through brand partnerships and video sponsorships, through their personal companies, like Faredrop, and other miscellaneous categories. They really break down what it is like, financially, to travel full-time and make a living. Very admirable!

To learn more about Kara and Nate, check out their website.

Kara and Nate YouTube power couple influencer

Photo Credit: Instagram

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The Downfalls Of 'Coupling' In The Spotlight

Not all Power Couples succeed in having their relationship broadcast to the public. Social influencers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau (fictionally) tied the knot on July 28th, 2019. However just 6 months after vowing to spend the rest of their lives together, the couple posted on Instagram that they would be taking a break.

Why so soon?

Tana posted a 40-minute video on her channel titled, “the truth about everything,” and in it she said, “I am so unhappy with the way my relationship with Jake looks in the public eye.” She then went on to say, “obviously when thousands of people are commenting like, ‘what are you doing sis? You look so dumb.’ There is validity to that. You begin to look in the mirror and be like, ‘damn, do I look dumb?”

Being an influencer and a part of a Power Couple may sound fun: having a fan base, getting to partner with brands, and creating your own platform. In reality, living such a public life may do more harm than good.

Check out this interview Hollywood Branded's founder Stacy Jones had with Insider talking about the value of brand partnerships this couple walked away from.

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau YouTube Break-up Couple

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Create. Create. Create. 

That is how YouTube Power Couples are able to keep their audience engaged, draw more attention to their channel, and boost their brand. When content is created and posted regularly, a bond is created between the creator and their audience. Put simply, trust is gained. That is so important for Power Couples.

As for brands, there are endless opportunities for them in regards to partnerships and sponsorships. Whether it be sponsoring a video, having the influencers post on social media, or even creating a collaboration between your brand and the Power Couple’s personal brand, your company and their products are able to reach millions of people.

It is important for brands to remember that YouTube is the second most popular search engine. When brands partner with couples on the platform, they are able to reach double the amount of people. That is how Power Couples can really help elevate your brand’s advertising and marketing.

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