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It's January So That Must Mean Weight Loss Time

The start of a new year full of resolutions is upon us. Which means of course to most of America, goals targeting fitness and health - and weight loss attempts, are being planned. Whether just taking some time to tone up or a complete body makeover before summer, there are endless weight loss options to consider - and celebrities lining up to be their paid spokespeople. 

You can't turn on the TV without seeing diet fads and longstanding weight loss regimes being touted by a celebrity you recognize.  Over the years we've seen Jennifer Hudson, Valerie Bertinelli, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Melissa Joan Hart or Janet Jackson endorsing diets. And this year there is a new push to incorporate male celebrities. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares some of the top recent celebrity endorsements and the celebrity favorite diets to start your year off right.

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The New Guy On The Block - Rob Lowe & Atkins Diet

The new goal of diet corporations seems to be going after the male demo, offering a way to broaden their consumer audience.  The goal to consumers is authenticity, and in this ad, Atkins' team scored big with Rob Lowe, obviously on the male front, but also because he state's he's been on the diet for years. In this new ad Rob Lowe discusses how #TodaysAtkins can help you lead a life well lived.  This isn't the first foray Atkins has taken into the world of Hollywood celebrities.  Melrose Place's star Courtney Thorne Smith was the first spokesperson in 2009, followed by Alyssa Milano, Sharon Osborne, singer Lauren Alaina and Kim Kardashian.  Check out the ads below!

#TodaysAtkins - A Life Well Lived 


#TodaysAtkins - Rob Lowe's Favorite Snack


#TodaysAtkins - Rob Lowe's Sweet Tooth

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Oprah Winfrey & Weight Watchers

Seemingly, Oprah loves bread and eats it everyday, which she touts as the genius of the Weight Watchers program.  But she's in a unique position. Not only is she the corporate spokesperson, she's actually invested a lot of her own money in the brand.  So she's a very vested celebrity endorser, and there is nothing better than that for a brand! Watch her talking about Weight Watcher's here!


And she goes on to more details here of the journey. 


 And how she uses her points and what she eats (or drinks!) each day.



And now DJ Khaled has joined Oprah Winfrey as an ambassador to Weight Watchers, with behind the scenes digital videos of his steps to lose weight being shared through social media. 


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Marie Osmond, Dan Marino & NutriSystem

One of the best options for a diet corporation to use a celebrity is when that celebrity has found massive success on the diet.  And those corporations are doing everything they can to make sure they help their spokesperson find success.   

Take Control of Your Weight


 Weight Loss Challenges 


50 Pounds Lost 


2014 Commercial 


NutriSystem was ahead of the game with going after a male demo when they signed Dan Marino who became a spokesperson for NutriSystem back in 2014. 


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The Celebrity Endorsement Factor

Consumers tune in to what celebrities are wearing and doing on a daily basis.  And the fact is, dieting is hard - but if you see a famous face able to lose weight on a diet, it makes it seem more feasible that you too could lose weight.  And that's what these companies are counting on.

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