Three Iconic Advertisements That You Forgot About


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Leave It Up To Doritos, Pepsi, and GEICO 

What advertisements come to your mind when you hear the brand, Pepsi? Perhaps Kendall Jenner’s controversial campaign with the brand. Well, what about Doritos? The first one that comes to my mind is their collaboration with Post Malone and the ad ‘Post Limón.’ Lastly, what about GEICO? Of course the one that should come to all our minds is the GEICO Gecko.

But what If I told you these three brands had iconic commercials that we all forgot about. Advertising teams for these brands created relatable, engaging, and hilarious storylines in order to promote their brand. From Sumo wrestlers to even a Camel as a main character, Doritos, Pepsi, and GEICO have been (and are still!) some of the top advertisers in their respective industry. In this blog, Hollywood Branded brings back to life three iconic ads from Doritos, Pepsi, and GEICO.

Three Iconic Advertisements You Forgot About

#1: Doritos' 2010 Super Bowl Ad

Think back to February 7th, 2010. Where were you when you were watching Superbowl XLIV? Do you remember any iconic ads during the game? It was the Indianapolis Colts versus the New Orleans Saints. The Saints were down 10-6 at halftime, and the Colts made an onside kick to start the second half. New Orleans recovered, which ultimately lead to the turning point of the game. The Saints won 31-17. Have I sparked your memory yet?

Well if that didn’t, think back to the commercials. This ad was on headlines for weeks after the game. According to Adweek, this 30-second clip was the most-watched television commercial of all time as it was seen by 116.2 million people. Remember? If not, I’ll tell you. It was the iconic Doritos ad of two friends in the gym and one of them steals a bag of Doritos out of another gym-goer’s (Tim’s) locker. What he didn’t know is that “Tim. Loves. Doritos.” Check out this iconic ad below to see how Tim reacts to finding out his Doritos are gone.

                                                                                                                               Video Credit: FunnyInternetVids

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#2: Pepsi Max Office Interview Ad

Pepsi is a top player in the advertising game as they constantly produce hit after hit advertisement. But, we can’t forget their also controversial Kendall Jenner campaign – but, that is a story for another blog.

Pepsi introduced a product extension, Pepsi Max, in 1993. At first, it was targeted at European and Asian customers. It did make its way to the United States and was later renamed Pepsi Zero Sugar in 2016. But before the name change, Pepsi released an advertisement in 2009 that was to the max.

The advertisement starts off with the main character, Mr. Goodman, getting called in for his job interview. When the interview asks, “What makes you qualified for this job?” His answer? Well, violently screaming, dunking his head in a fish tank, and throwing himself against a wall.

All of the commotion caused enough chaos and instilled fear in the other prospective job applications to the point where they actually got up and ran out, except one guy. The interviewer has no choice but to interview and hire the one guy left. What makes this ad hilarious (and iconic) is that the two men are friends and that all the commotion was a plot to get one of them the job!

Video Credit: Wasiq Cheema

#3: GEICO Hump Day Ad

We all know that feeling mid-week where the work week is feeling like it is dragging on and lack of sleep is catching up. Wednesdays, or Hump Day, is that point of the week where all eyes are set on the weekend ahead. GEICO capitalized on this trending slogan to create an advertisement that was relatable, funny, and engaging.

The company ditched their well-known GEICO gecko and used a camel as the main character in the ad (I mean, it makes sense since the ad was about HUMP day). The camel is seen walking through an office of workers experiencing the effects of Hump Day and trying to bring laughter and smiles to the office.

Next time you are feeling sluggish on a Wednesday, just remember: “it’s Hump Day! WOO-WOOT.”

Video Credit: Ricky Holden

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The Power Of Great Advertisements 

Advertising helps business in more ways than one may think; Advertising helps increase brand awareness, attract new customers, increase sales, support all business operations, differentiate yourself from the competition, educate, and improve your image and credibility.

In order to accomplish all those things, a commercial doesn’t have to stale. The more relatable and engaging an advertisement is the better affect that it will have on your business – it will invoke a consumer response.

Doritos, Pepsi, and GEICO all created these commercials in a way that related not just to their current customers, but to all people. We all have that one snack that we love and don’t want anyone taking or we were able to picture ourselves in that office on a Wednesday. These three commercials, that you probably forgot about until now, capitalized on trending matters in the world and tailored them to fit their company.

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