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There's Nothing Better Than Celebrities and Advertising

Valentine's Day is not only a big day for Hallmark, but also for brand and the  advertising industry.  When it comes to marketing, this is a day when you try to make things a little bit more special, sharing and leveraging the day of love. It is also a day when you have the chance to reach out to a very wide range of audiences because love is a universal thing, it’s something that everyone celebrates -- almost around the world.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect day for brands to create campaigns with a celebrity or influencer. Celebrity endorsement are a very effective marketing tactic, as they increase brand attention, brand awareness and creates customer interest. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses brand advertising with celebrities and influencers, and celebvertising for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Celebritising

Overseeing The Traditional Norms

For Valentine’s Day the norm is that we've always been told that we’re “supposed to” celebrate the day with a loved one. But in today’s society when it has become a positive thing to be more self-sufficient than needing a significant other, honestly, why would we need flowers, chocolates, a special someone or an awkward first date for Valentine’s Day? Forget the typical cliches. And make it all about yourself for once instead! As the intelligent and wise RuPaul said, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

This message is clearly implied in Google Pixels, Valentine’s Day inspired ad with no one other than RuPaul himself.


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Targeting the Audience Accurately

The generation that spends most money and pays most attention to Valentine’s Day are the Millennials. This group are also the target that is mainly influenced by social media. These people spend about ⅕ of their day on different digital platforms and are also very active users since they share and search for information.

They’re not as impressed by traditional advertising as previous generations were, that makes it even more important for marketers nowadays to customize their marketing strategies in the best way to reach this specific target audience. If companies want to succeed with their marketing targeting Millennials, they must make sure to be active on social media. One of the biggest differences between Millennials and generations from before, is that Millennials are not affected in the same way by "direct sales". Millennials value authenticity and are influenced  primarily by other consumers recommendations.

Percentage Of Influencers Following Brands

Celebrity Social Media Webinar by Hollywood Branded

Influencer Marketing 

One successful campaign that targeted Millennials and also became very popular was the fragrance brand Chloé Valentine’s Day campaign from a couple of years ago. The brand managed to grab great attention from their audience with this online campaign that featured numerous sponsored placements with some of the biggest fashion and lifestyle bloggers today.

The bloggers created sponsored content made to appear to organically and normally fit into their day to day lives, while describing their experience and connection with Chloé.  Not only did Chloé raise their brand awareness, but they gained a combined social reach of more than 4,600,000 and reached a blog audience reach of 7,000,000 page views.

Chloe Love Story


Working with bloggers and YouTubers when you want to reach out to the Millennials target group is very effective. Another successful Valentine’s Day campaign is a sponsored video called “5 AWESOME Valentine's Day Gift Ideas” that YouTuber Alpha.M. created together with Blue Apron. Alpha.m. has 3,400,000 subscribers and the video has more than 600,000 views to date.

Partnering with an influencer leveraging YouTube is a great option to reach the target audience because the influencer will (or should!) work with you to customize your message and adjust it to be appropriate for the specific target, and in a real way. Almost all Youtubers have a very direct appeal.  They look straight in the camera and feel like they are talking directly to you! Some are so good that you would think that they don’t follow any script, they just spontaneously talk about what’s on their mind. But they do have a script in mind if they are working with your brand! 

Influencer partnerships allow you to collaborate with an individual who should be able to take our product, look at it, touch it, test it and maybe event taste it and then in a language their viewers are used to and in an environment they know, tell you why you should buy this product. And people do!

Celebvertising Has Just Begun

Celebrities and advertising have been closely linked for many years and will continue to be just as popular for the years to come. Using a holiday like Valentine’s Day to launch a brand campaign provides some unique content that allows your brand to stand out - and be more successful. 

When picking the influencer for your campaign it’s important to choose someone who has a clear connection with your product, who really likes it and can become a long-term collaborator. It will help you reach your target audience in an authentic way and potentially serve as an extra hand for earned publicity in other channels of other influencers.

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Ready To Start Working With Influencers?

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