VidCon 2023: The Hottest Destination for Brands, Creators, and Fans of Digital Content


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The Magic of Digital Culture 

VidCon, or in other words, Disneyland for digital creators and brands, went down this past weekend, and boy, was it a wild ride! Our team got the chance to be there at VidCon 2023, held at the Anaheim Convention Center on Friday, June 24th, and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! The place was buzzing with all the big shots you can imagine from the digital content realm—top influencers, up-and-coming brands, cool creator lounges, and even agencies like our very own HOLLYWOOD BRANDED. It was an epic convergence of talent, creativity, and sheer excitement!

But, do you ever wonder what VidCon is or why people want to attend? In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares everything you need to know about VidCon 2023 and why brands, creators, fans, and agencies attend! 

VidCon 2023 The Hottest Destination for Brands, Creators, and Fans of Digital Content

What is VidCon??

VidCon is the ultimate gathering for digital culture enthusiasts held in various exciting locations like Anaheim, Balhi, and Baltimore. It is like a vibrant hub where the entire digital ecosystem comes alive, fostering connections, sparking creativity, and igniting the passion of everyone involved. It's a celebration of the digital world and the people who make it extraordinary!

If you're a fan of digital content, let me assure you, you're definitely not alone! There are millions of people out there, just like you, creating amazing content, spreading digital culture, and envisioning the future of the digital media industry. At VidCon, you'll find all these incredible individuals who bring the online magic to life, finally meeting their online friends in person, creators getting introduced to brands, and fans getting the chance to meet and interact with the influencers they've been looking up to.

For Brands

VidCon offers a dynamic platform for individuals to engage in conversations that drive the advancement of marketing and advertising. One notable aspect is the growing collaboration between big brands and creators, enabling them to create content that effectively resonates with target audiences and traditional creative teams. This shift allows brands to tap into the unique understanding and connection that creators have with their audiences. VidCon showcases this trend by providing attendees with opportunities to learn about successful collaborations and innovative strategies, empowering them to push the boundaries of marketing.

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Now, ever wonder what the creator lounge is? It's a space where brands have the chance to showcase themselves in line with the room's theme. For instance, Levi's partnered with the Youtube Lounge, allowing creators and agencies to customize their own jackets. This was a brilliant opportunity and idea allowing creators and guests to design their own vintage jackets to give them brand exposure through influencers capturing and sharing it on their socials, granting them credit for the collaboration.

This is just one example of how brands got creative in finding unique ways to boost their brand exposure during VidCon. The event provided a playground for brands and creators to come together, fostering authentic partnerships and generating buzz in the digital realm.

A peak of some of our team at one of the creator lounge booths! 


For Creators

VidCon is a must-attend event for content creators, ranking high on their priority list. As creators, their primary responsibility is to continually expand their audience and establish connections with brands, fans, and fellow creators. While some may face challenges in growing their audience, juggling filming and editing, and monetizing their social platforms, attending industry events like VidCon becomes crucial for them to engage in conversations and generate fresh content.

The ultimate goal of VidCon is to provide a platform where both aspiring and established creators can broaden their network, meet new people, and reconnect with old friends, all while creating exciting videos. In addition, VidCon gives the attendees the opportunity to learn invaluable tips and tricks from industry professionals, enabling them to optimize their own content and explore innovative strategies for channel growth. It truly becomes a transformative experience for content creators, offering them the knowledge, inspiration, and connections needed to thrive in the digital landscape.

Here are some video creators who attended VidCon 2023 Anaheim

vidcon-2022-featured-creators-1920x1131Photo Credit: TubeFilter

For Fans 

VidCon offers an incredible experience for fans, with opportunities to meet their favorite YouTube megastars, attend engaging panel discussions, and immerse themselves in the world of digital content. Meanwhile, creators seize the chance to connect with their audiences face-to-face, network with fellow creatives, and participate in valuable mentoring sessions to enhance their skills and craft.

As our team approached the event, they had the chance to chat with some attendees, including an avid online gamer. She was thrilled to finally meet her friend in person, whom she had been gaming with for years. She shared,

"We've built such a strong connection online, and now we can both attend VidCon! It's mind-blowing to have that bond without ever meeting in person. I'm beyond excited!" 

VidCon brings together fans from across the globe, united by their passion for digital content. Whether you're a gamer, a dedicated YouTube subscriber, or simply a fan, VidCon is the ultimate destination to come together and celebrate the vibrant world of online creativity.


Photo Credit: James Kempin / Getty Images for Nickelodeon

For Agencies

Networking opportunities during events like VidCon, allow agencies to witness their clients' interactions and forge connections with YouTubers, gamers, executives, content creators, and other agencies. Hollywood Branded, for instance, had the pleasure of seeing their client, .Store, and their friends from Paramount Studio who help assist our clients with product placement.

Sometimes when it comes to networking, it can discomforting. We've got some tips that can work wonders for you at your next convention:

  1. Prepare: Familiarize yourself with your company and how to effectively market yourself. Craft a concise and engaging pitch that showcases your personality without becoming long and repetitive.

  2. Business Cards: Despite the digital age, having a business card remains crucial for collaboration. Whether it's a QR code, a Hi-Hello app, or traditional paper, having a tangible representation of your contact information shows genuine interest in connecting.

  3. Bring a Colleague: Networking events can be intimidating, so consider inviting a friend or colleague along. Their presence will provide support and comfort as you navigate the networking landscape.

  4. Listen: While it's tempting to showcase your expertise, actively listening is key. By genuinely engaging with others, making them feel acknowledged, and paying attention to their insights, you'll leave a lasting and memorable impression.

  5. Treat it Like a Normal Conversation: Networking doesn't have to be all about business. Remember, it's simply a conversation between two or more individuals. Some of the best collaborations stem from building friendships, so be yourself and let the conversation flow naturally.

By following these simple tips, you can establish connections that may evolve into long-term partnerships or friendships. Remember, incredible things can happen when you engage in conversation and forge meaningful connections.

VidCon-Anaheim-2023-Creators (1)Photo Credit: VidCon

Eager To Learn More?

VidCon is a great opportunity for brands, creators, fans, and agencies to all come together and share their love of digital media. If you are interested in how you can be more integrated into events, read these blogs below: 

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