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What!!  More Adults Watch YouTube Than Primetime Cable TV

Posted by Stacy Jones on December 21, 2016 at 8:29 AM

It's True - YouTube Isn't Just Watched By Kids (Anymore)

Between 2015 and 2016, YouTube viewers ages 55 and older have tripled.  That means while this platform still has a truly significant Gen Y and Z viewer, it's pushing up into the Baby Boomers too. We often hear from brand marketers that YouTube isn't a fit for them because you know - only Gen Y, Z or even younger watch the platform. 

But times are a'changing!  And those Gen Xers have sorta fallen in like with lots of those YouTube Channels catering to their interests. As have the Baby Boomers.  And brand advertisers are missing a potential marketing platform for an older demographic.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the study Think With Google did that shows that YouTube viewers ages 55 and older have tripled. 

YouTube For 55+.png

The Myths Of YouTube For The "Older" Generation

Think With Google and Nielsen's study revealed that between 2015 and 2016:

  • YouTube reaches 95% of adults 55+ EVERY MONTH.
  • Viewers in the 55 and older demographic's watch time tripled. This could mean that 5 viewers older than 55 watched in 2015 and 15 are watching in 2016 however - since their study isn't releasing the beta starting point.  But in all fairness, it is probably quite a bit more than that!
  • There is a general upward trend among YouTube's older audience.
  • The time spent on YouTube by the 55+ crowd grew 80% faster than that of adults in general.

More Secrets About YouTube Revealed

More insight was provided by the study which includes:

  • On mobile alone, in an average WEEK, YouTube reaches more adults in primetime than ANY cable network does.
  • According to a comScore study cited by Think With Google, 95% of adults ages 35 and up visit YouTube each month.
  • Time spent on YouTube more than DOUBLED for 18+,
    • Growing 40% faster among 35+ adults than younger demos.
    • Growing 80% faster among 55+ adults than younger demos.

YouTube viewers are also:

  • 50% female.  It's evenly split.
  • More likely to have a college degree than general population.
  • 2x more likely to pay close attention to what they are watching compared to when watching TV.  Could be because they have their eyeballs pressed close to their phone trying to see the screen.

Yes - you heard that right! And it's worth repeating.  95% of adults ages 35 and up visit YouTube each month.

And more adults watch YouTube than cable TV.

Ready To Embrace The Social Influencer World?

CRAZY right? We know. It kind of puts TV advertising upside down.  But it's great for product placement!!  So check out some of the top YouTube influencers here in our blog.

And if you agree, then we have the e-book for you!  In our Only Social Influencer Guide You Will Ever Need, you will find out dozens of insiders secrets on how to create the best - and most affordable - influencer campaigns available.  Check it out now!

The Only Guide You Need To Hire Social Influencers E-Book

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