What's The Deal With Collab Posts?


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Level Up Your Social Media

Instagram collab posts are a dynamic way to enhance your social media presence, build new relationships, and boost your brand's visibility. Utilizing a collab post in your social media calendar can start setting you apart and help foster relationships with your brand in the influencer space. 

Collab posts are a way to delight your followers and craft compelling new content that is out of the box. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares what collab posts are and the benefits of incorporating them into your social media plan.  

What's The Deal With Collab Posts?

What is it?

A collaborative post, often referred to as a "collab post," is a type of content on social media where two or more parties work together to create and share a single piece of content. Collaborative posts take various forms: 

  • Text 
  • Images 
  • Videos 
  • Or a combination of all the elements 

Collaborative posts on Instagram have developed a whole new feature. A collab no longer means a partnership of posting with two parties. With the new collab feature, 2 or more parties are able to mirror the same post. This means the same post can be on both profiles at the same time. With this new feature, brands can leverage influencer marketing in a whole new way. 

power of the post

With an influencer and a brand posting the same exact post, the content is receiving a combined reach from both platforms. This creates a viral loop where audiences from both sides converge and interact, leading to a higher engagement and a broader reach.

Such collaborations lend an aura of authenticity, as the content appears genuine and less sponsored.

Brands Utilizing Collab Posts with InfluencersPhoto Credit: Pilot Pen USA & Marquis Clarke

a how-to guide for your collab post

In the how-to guide for a brand to properly leverage a successful collab post, we suggest that the brand identifies the right influencer whose audience is going to align with the brand's values and target demographics. Collaborative posts are also about co-creating and really allow the brand and influencer to come together and create a mutually beneficial content piece together.

The two platforms should decide on a specific time and date to go live to create a buzz and capture audience attention from multiple angles. The beauty of the mirrored post allows for the brand and influencer to engage with their already existing audience and also build/interact with a new audience.

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measure the success 

Collaborative efforts require double the resources, so it is essential to measure the return on your investment. Monitor all insights from your post to show how big of an impact the collaboration really held.

Report on engagement rates, new followers gained, traffic to your website, and conversion metrics relevant to your campaign goals.

Brands Utilizing Collab Posts with Influencers

get legal with it

Given that both platforms will be posting simultaneously, legal action such as a contract should be put in place before the collab post goes live.

Both parties should agree on all content ownership, revenue sharing, and usage rights to the content through a contract before a partnership goes live on social.

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how Hollywood branded can help you?

After reading this, you’re probably thinking how amazing collab influencer posts can get leveraged from your brand. There are a lot of nuts, bolts, and negotiations that go on behind the scenes.

As a pop culture marketing agency, Hollywood Branded specializes in these processes for your brand and does the dirty work for you, so you don't have to. We are experts in the influencer space and are more than ready to make your brand shine with our extensive databases, software, and industry relationships. Reach out to make your brand collab with your dream talent!

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