Why Brands Seeking Adult Demos Should Partner With Deadpool 2


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Who Will Win The Deadpool

One of our new favorite bad boys (and sometimes good boy), Deadpool has taken the world by storm. Men want to be him, and women want to be with him. And with the second installment of the funny action packed film filming soon, brands who are open to an edgy adult audience might want to consider partnership with the sarcastic Wade Wilson.

This film franchise is hilarious to many adults, but what people don't necessarily see are the opportunities Deadpool has to offer for brands. With his originality and arrogance, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool has earned the title of being the most playful superhero in the Marvel Universe. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explains why sarcastic and edgy Wade Wilson from Marvel's Deadpool may be a great opportunity for brands seeking adult demos. 


The Fourth Wall Shattered

The fourth wall is a term used in film to separate the audience from the actors in the film. In other words, it makes the movie seem more real, like you're a part of it. However, it seems Deadpool didn't get the memo, since he's known to break the fourth wall and engage with the audience directly in a personal way. The movie is also full of Ryan Reynolds bashes, which would be totally inappropriate - that is, if Ryan wasn't doing it himself.

But he's our favorite mentally unstable anti-hero. Which means audiences pay attention, and listen to him.



Where The Brands Come In

This movie is not for the brand-faint-of-heart.  It's politically questionable at times.  It is definitely adult in nature all of the time. But it resounds with the millennial to Gen X male (and female) like few other films.  You either hate it or love it. And brands seeking a little more raw and edgy - while still studio driven and 'safe' would do well to consider options to partner with this film or others similar to it.

  • Since Deadpool is known to speak to the audience directly, based on relevance to the script, it may be very possible for him to slip in some kooky word play as some verbal product placement.
  • The scenes filmed are also very bachelor-friendly and real word - so brands seeking reality in a guys life can find it in Deadpool's home or the restaurants and bars he frequents. 
  • Or event in his day-to-day anti hero roles, he might come across a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream rolling from a recent victim's shopping bag, as we wrote about here.
  • And then of course is the film promotional partnership angle - which Mike's Hard Lemonade took major advantage of, creating customized cans sold at retail and a major red carpet star-worthy presence at the premiere party.


Merc With A Mouth

Ryan Reynolds couldn't be a better Deadpool. As he's known for being handsome and quick witted, just like Wade Wilson.  And he wears brands oh-so well.



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