Why Social Media Influencers Are Beneficial For Your Brand This Holiday Season


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It's That Time of Year Again....

This is the best time of year to cuddle up on your couch and binge-watch those Christmas YouTube videos and surf the web. The holidays are here in full force and the best way to kick off the season is for brands to launch a holiday marketing campaign. Why?

Well, this time of the year is the most beneficial time to release a campaign because of the number of eyes on the internet scouting for the perfect gift. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares our thoughts on why social media influencers are beneficial for your brand this holiday season.  

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Why Social Media Influencers

Within the past years, social influencers and micro influencers have made an enormous impact in the marketing world. According to a survey by mediakix, Influencer Marketing will be a $5-$10 billion-dollar market in the next 5 years.

Using big name celebrities cost more and sometimes the strategy just isn't as effective as working with social influencers. Why? Well social media influencers have more personal connections with their fans rhan most celebriteis because they are most vested in making sure that on the platforms they utilize they reply back to fan comments and create more genuine and relatable content.  Celebrities more so let people in to their lives, but can often have very low engagement levels - as well as lower fan base levels.  If you want "stardom" then celebrity partnerships are great!  But if you want a partner who will help build content for your brand on their social media platforms, a social influencer is the way to go.

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Fans of these influencers virtually stalk their lives, constantly checking up on them on every social media platform they have, from Instagram to Snapchat. With so many millions of viewers, these influencers have an advantage to their fame. They can promote brands and get everyone on board with their favorite products. This is a perfect opportunity for companies to reach out and let influencers try out their products.


Who Doesn't Want To Make Their Feed Festive?

Whether they are posting a sponsored video on YouTube or a giveaway on their Instagram account, brands get recognized by a substantial amount of people who follow the social influencer. With the holidays here, brands stand to gain even more recognition because of the amount of internet traffic and time spent onlin as people have more time off to relax.  Plus they are googling madly away looking for that PERFECT gift.

With so many people trying to find gifts on the internet, it is a perfect opportunity for a brand to sponsor an influencer’s video and get the word out about their company. It’s a win for both parties because this allows influencers to get into the Christmas spirit and make their feed more festive. But also, this is a win for the company because they benefit from the marketing from this.


YouTube is a major platform for social media influencers to utilize when promoting a brand. Most influencers will release series of sponsored content around the holidays. They’ll post fun videos trying out different holiday content from specific brands and show in-depth reviews on products. Some will also film short scripted sponsored videos that show the brand subtlety but get the point across. 


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Working With Social Influencers

Influencers are now major parts of many brand marketing campaigns, and their footprint is only growing in the marketing world.   Influencers help make sales happen and ensure more people know about your company through their posts and videos. And one of the best times to utilize them for your brand may be RIGHT NOW while you are gearing up for the next holiday season.

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