Why Your Company Needs An Influencer To Promote Your Brand


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Look No Further Than Influencers to Increase Brand Awareness!  

You have a brand, but you really want to get more engagement for your name and products. You know your company is capable of doing great once more people find out about it, and an influencer can help guide you in that direction.

Influencer marketing is now one of the best ways to market your brand. Promoting your business on social media is a great way to get noticed, since people are constantly checking their social feeds on a daily basis. Add an influencer to the mix, and you will not be disappointed. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explains why your company needs an influencer to promote your products so that you can watch your brand get the recognition that it deserves.

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What Exactly is Influencer Marketing? 

Influencer marketing comes in many shapes and forms. Brands utilize and collaborate with influencers who belong to particular interest fields to help showcase their products or services in order to get recognition and sales. Through this form of marketing, influencers post a product or service on their social media feed, and they highlight the benefits of it. It may not even look like they have been paid to promote it at all, because it often feels like they are just having a casual conversation with their audience. That is what makes this tactic so unique and effective!

Since the communication can appear as personal and unique, it is a very powerful form of marketing. Furthermore, since the interaction can be something as short as a 15 second story, people do not have much time to think about whether or not they truly need the product because if they truly like their content, they are likely to buy it. People spend many hours of their day on social media, and almost everyone follows at least one influencer on a specific platform. Because so much time is spent on these sites, and because people follow and count on influencers, this form of marketing is the perfect way to promote a product or service!

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What is the Value of an Influencer?

An influencer helps make people feel like they are talking to a friend. They tend to be very open with their followers when it comes to their daily lives. For example, they may show their followers what they bought when they went shopping, or they may even talk about a private topic, such as a break-up. Followers resonate with influencers when they share personal matters, and sometimes it can even feel like they know them in real life.

When an individual finds an influencer that closely relates to their passions and personality, they start to trust them. Because of this, people will buy particular products that they rave about, such as a skin care product or a health wellness product. When an influencer shows a product that they have been using lately, while talking about how much they love it, people may run to buy it right away. The reason for this is because followers often have faith in what the influencer does and says. Sometimes, people won’t even think twice about whether or not the influencer was paid to show the product because the trust level can be so strong.

In general, influencers help people feel heard and understood, and since they have a big following, it helps make followers feel like they aren’t alone when it comes to particular matters. The special bond that followers have with these people is what makes influencers, and influencer marketing so valuable!

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Which Influencer is Right for You?

The internet is filled with influencers, and new ones are introduced frequently. So, how do you pick the right person to promote your product? It all depends on who and what your company is.

For example, let’s look at Jaclyn Hill. Jaclyn is a very popular beauty guru in the make-up world. She has promoted a make-up brand called Morphe for many years now. Morphe started off as a small company that specialized in make-up brushes, but now they sell a variety of products such as eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. Through the use of influencers, Morphe gained a lot of recognition. As of today, they have 10.6 million followers on Instagram!

Jaclyn Hill with BrushesCredit: Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

It is important to find an influencer that aligns with your brand’s image. Morphe collaborating with Jaclyn Hill on many occasions is a great example of this. She is an expert in the beauty industry, so she is the perfect candidate for any make-up brand. The more specific you get with choosing an influencer that belongs to the same category as your brand, the more successful your ad will be!

If your brand only sells energy drinks, then it would be best to find an influencer that focuses on fitness. You can search for “fitness influencers” on Google, and with further research, you can find a few influencers who you think align specifically with your brand’s overall message. Being very precise is a good idea, because it gives your brand a little more flavor! Furthermore, it allows for potential buyers to trust your brand more. 

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An Influencer Promotes Your Product, Now What? 

An influencer agrees to post an Instagram picture or video of them using your product, and let’s say they talk highly about how effective it is. As mentioned previously, many influencers have followers who look up to them and trust them. Because of this, some of those followers may then click on your page, go to your website, and even buy your product right away! Maybe they will even start following your page on social media because they like what they see and want to learn more.

Of course, it all depends on different variables. For example, bigger influencers tend to get more engagement. If an influencer with 3 million followers posts an ad for your product, more people may see it compared to an influencer with 400k followers. It all depends on their engagement rate. However, do not let size discourage you! Even if an influencer has a smaller following, it does not mean that they don’t have loyal followers that trust them!

After an influencer promotes your product, your engagement should increase in some shape or form. Maybe you will not gain 3,000 new followers right away, but at least your brand has more recognition now than it did before! It is also important to remember that an ad may stay on an influencer’s page for a while. If that is the case, that ad may pop up on feeds days after it was posted, so you can still get engagement this way as well!

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What Are You Waiting For? Go Find an Influencer!

We live in a time where social media has become a dominant medium for marketing, and the same concept applies to the influencers on these sites. Influencers can help your company elevate in many ways, and they are experts when it comes to marketing because they know how to brand themselves. Brands come in many different varieties, and influencers do as well, so it is very possible to find someone that best suits your company's image. This is one of the hottest ways to market now-a-days, so jump on board and see what all the rave is about! You will not be disappointed!

Learn More About Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a very popular topic in the marketing world now, so it is always helpful to learn more about it. Hollywood Branded has everything you need to know about influencer marketing, and we are always happy to share our experience and knowledge!

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