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Influencers Are The Key To Success In Branding

While celebrity partnerships are always sought after and prove to be surefire successes when it comes to brand deals and sponsorships, not every company can afford to partner with the A-List celebrities that will catapult their brand to overnight success.

That being said, social media influencers across all platforms are quickly becoming more and more well-known by all; which makes them perfect partners for brand deals! Brand deals with them will cost a lot less, but will still help bring lots of new eyes to your product. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares some of the agency's best blog posts for brand marketers on utilizing influencers for your next brand deal.

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The Top Food Influencers and Branded Partnerships

What is one thing that almost everyone can relate to? Their love of food! Everyone needs to eat, so finding new and creative ways to cook has made food content some of the most popular to watch on social media.

Influencers are making millions of dollars a year posting videos and sharing content all about food, and brands help to make it possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite foodie’s content by paying them to do so. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the top 10 (according to Forbes) Food Influencers and the Brands that they have partnered with.

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Top food influencers for brand partnerships

Beauty Influencers' Impact On Sales 

We are in the age of viral videos and taking the perfect selfie, and millions of beauty videos are watched on YouTube every single day.  Viewers are absorbed in these makeup tutorials and are captivated with their favorite beauty vloggers.

Beauty brands (and other lifestyle brands) partner with these makeup gurus to boost their sales because they know all eyes are on these superstars. However, are brand sales really being impacted by these famous vloggers using their products? In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses why beauty influencers drive sales and increase brand awareness, offering a very specific niche influencer who can catapult brand sales. 

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Beauty influencers' impact on brand sales

Partnering Brands With Influencers

As discussed in our last interview highlight blog post, we truly cannot emphasize the importance of Influencer Marketing enough in today's digital climate. How does a brand prepare for a flawless campaign executed to success?

Doing so without having a digital marketing team or an outside agency would be nothing short of a miracle. Brands need to have an understanding of both how the process works and also what the full scope of your contract entails. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded examines how brands are partnering brands with influencers through an agency from the expertise and experience of Susanna Yee of Digital Everything.

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partnering brands with influencers with Susana Yee of Digital Everything

The Top Entertainment Influencers and Branded Partners

Do you ever go down the YouTube rabbit hole? I know I have, and a lot of the videos I can't stop binging fall under the category of Entertainment videos. Forbes has released their list of the top Entertainment influencers, and all of these people have one thing in common:  millions of people can't stop following their every move.

YouTube is not the only thing these men and women do, it is just the beginning of how they share their daily lives. From books to TV shows, these self-made digital stars are doing it all, and brands who pay them are a big part of how they can profit from their self made lives is all made possible. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at Forbes' list of the Top 10 Entertainment Influencers and the brands they have partnered with.

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Top entertainment influences for brand partnerships

College Athletes As Influencers

For the first time ever, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is implementing new policies that will change the basis of sports marketing. As college athletes gain the ability to engage in partnerships, promotions, and endorsements, brands will have to pivot the way they attract the college demographic. Student athletes have the opportunity to capitalize on their career and bring another dimension to college sports. 

Whether it be high potential earnings, localized influencer campaigns, or an increase in competition; there are many beneficial aspects for brands, consumers, and athletes alike. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores new and upcoming business opportunities as collegiate athletes are able to enter into brand partnerships and influencer marketing.   

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NCAA athletes planning to pivot sports marketing

What's Next? 

The world of social media influencers are likely not going anywhere anytime soon, so there's no better time than now to start meaningful partnerships with influencers!

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