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3 Reasons Why Productions Use Product Placement

Posted by Stacy Jones on December 29, 2014 at 10:04 AM

The Brand-Production Connection

Have you ever considered reasons why productions want to work with brands? We have provided three reasons why productions enjoy working with brands. See if you can spot the theme!

Productions Want To Save Money

Just like brand marketing departments, productions have budgets! Productions, like anybody, will look for places they can save dollars. Productions enjoy working with brands, especially if they know that they can save money by getting products for free – and then they can come in under budget. This looks great to the financial decision makers!


Productions Want To Save Time (And Money)

Every brand exposure on screen requires legal clearance. Therefore, having a brand willingly provide product, versus buying the product and still having a production point hunt down the brand for official sign off, provides them this clearance and saves valuable (and billable) time.


Productions Want To Make Money

When brands pay cash to the production directly, the money may go to offsetting budgets or even allowing the production to create bigger special effects with the dollars going to other resources.  Brands also can help make the production money through assistance in ensuring more eyeballs are exposed to the property’s advertising, and getting more people to the box office - making this a win for productions as it gets more people to pay to watch the content for films, and more people to see the ads of advertising partners for TV.



What is the theme here? MONEY!!!

If you can save or provide production companies money through their partnership and use of your product, the production companies are more likely to jump at the chance to work with you!

Now that you know why productions use product placement, check out this post on how to create your product placement strategy.


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