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Purchasing Purpose-Driven Products

From pollution to racial injustice to poverty, the list of social issues goes on and on. One person alone cannot solve the world’s problems, but collectively I believe we can. Today many Brands model their business around giving back, donating a portion of profits to support a cause they care most about. There is no easier way for us to do our part than to shop for products we would likely be purchasing anyways!

It is the gift giving season, so let’s shop with purpose! In this blog, Hollywood Branded will shine a spotlight on 10 Philanthropic brands that give back with every purchase we make!

10 Brands That Give Back - 1.5.23

Give Back With Every Purchase

Shopping is something we do on a weekly basis. There are certain items we purchase regularly and others on occasion for gifts. If we could choose between two similar brands and one of the two is on a mission to feed starving children in Ethiopia, I think the choice is obvious. It’s finding those brands that care about more than just profit and supporting them to make an impact. With that said, here is my top 10 list of awesome brands everyone needs to know about!

Feed Project

Their mission: to create good products that feed children around the world. Through the sale of their products, that range from bags to accessories to home goods, they not only provide meals, but also sustainable livelihoods for their artisan partners from India to Kenya and their families. Each product has a number that represents the number of meals provided with your purchase.

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At homeless shelters, new clothing is in extremely high demand–this fact is the driving force behind Bombas. They exist to help support the homeless community, and to bring awareness to an under-publicized problem in the United States. For every item you purchase from Bombas they donate an item to Giving Partners– from homeless shelters to community organizations– in all 50 states.



Did you know a child dies every 8 seconds from drinking unsafe water? CannedWater4kids (cW4k) was established in 2008, by Greg Stromberg who was alarmed at the rate at which children worldwide were dying from waterborne diseases caused by the lack of clean, safe drinking water, so he started a non-profit that donates 95% of sales to support, fund, and deliver clean water initiatives that are saving children worldwide. These recyclable aluminum cans also help keep plastic bottles out of our oceans, lakes, streams and landfills. You can purchase water online or make a donation to support their mission.


Who Gives A Crap

Who gives a Crap makes eco-friendly toilet paper that is made of either recycled paper or bamboo. On top of that, WGAC donates 50% of profits to help build toilets around the world–they started this company when they learned that 2.4 billion people at that time didn’t have access to a toilet, and that roughly 40% of the global population (around 289,000 children under five) die every year from diarrheal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation. 


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Uncommon Goods

Through their Better to Give program, when you purchase from Uncommon Goods you are supporting small businesses while also supporting the causes most important to you. From forest conservation to supporting those impacted by natural disasters, for every purchase you make a $1 is donated to a Better to Give partner of your choice.


The Right To Shower

It’s hard enough for the homeless to find food and shelter, but it can be even more difficult for them to find a place to get cleaned up. The people behind The Right To Shower believe cleanliness is a basic human right, which is why they donate 30% of profits from the sale of their naturally made soaps to help build to mobile showers in cities around the world for those living on the streets.

Grounds And Hounds Coffee

Beyond creating the best cup of organic and eco-friendly coffee possible, Grounds & Hounds was created with an overarching purpose in mind; provide every at-risk pup with a second chance at a full life. They collaborate with animal rescues & welfare organizations throughout the country to provide funding and support for life-saving initiatives that impact rescue pups in communities throughout the country.


You Are Enough

After losing a close friend to a mental health battle, Natalie Oniszk-De Vincenzi founded You Are Enough Co., which offers a selection of apparel and accessories featuring uplifting slogans in an effort to normalize mental health conversations and encourage others to seek help if they need it, and remind all of us that we are enough. 100 percent of sale proceeds go to mental health awareness and research.


State sells everything from fanny packs to back packs to luggage, and more. Their mission is to make beautiful, well-made, inclusively cool product while using the power of business to give back and shift narratives around social injustices. Here’s how it works: For every bag purchased, STATE supports American children and families in need...in the ways they need it most. They donate fully packed backpacks, fund special projects with partner charities and schools, and shed light around social injustices impacting those they serve.


Conscious Step

Every pair of socks you purchase from Conscious Step supports one of their extraordinary partner organizations and the communities they serve–you aren’t just buying comfort and style you’re supporting people and the planet. Choose from 18 charities that range from Habitat for Humanity to World Central Kitchen (for the full list visit their website!).

Shopping For A Cause

Who would’ve thought that shopping could change the world! I don’t know about you, but this list gives me hope for the future. There are plenty of other brands out there with similar missions, so I encourage anyone reading this blog to take a few minutes and research what brands out there support a cause you are passionate about helping. There’s no limit to the change we can create if we consciously choose to do so. Want to learn more about brands making a difference? Check out previous blogs written by other Hollywood Branded team members below!

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