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5 Daily Tips To Make Your Instagram Story Social Media Marketing Pop

Posted by Alexis Tawater-Tiedemann on August 24, 2017 at 7:47 AM

How To Make Sure Your Instagram Stories Are On Track

There is yet another social media platform that brands need to be aware of, as it stands to hold a major key to the future of influencer marketing.  And it's not truly a 'new' platform - but more so something somewhat new you can do with the current #1 social media platform, Instagram.

What is it?  The Instagram story.  While extremely similar to Snapchat stories, the Instagram platform offers some unique twists - and is incredibly beneficial to brands.  And it reaches a tremendously larger audience than Snapchat.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded counts down 5 tips for brand marketers to help improve and stay on top of their Instagram story social media marketing strategy.

5 Daily Tips To Make Your Instagram Story Social Media Marketing Pop.png

1. Post 3-5 Times Per Day

An important part of Instagram stories is their consistency. A good brand marketer knows to post often and stay relevant without overdoing it. 

Keep it simple - you don't want your viewers to simply skip through your story or skip you altogether. As is true with most social media, less is more but consistency is key. 

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2. Tell A Story

Like we've said before about social media, especially about Instagram and Snapchat, it is vital to tell a story and make your brand personal.

Millennial and Generation Y both admit loyalty to feel-good brands, and Instagram stories offer a a unique opportunity to make your brand feel especially real. 

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3. Don't Overuse Features 

Filters, emojis, boomerang and editing may seem fun at first and may often appear on social influencers or other brand's accounts. However, with too much clutter, your brand may come off as annoying or even blend into the crowd. While it is important to utilize these features, it is also important to find a balance.

too many filters.png

4. Add Music, Tags Or Links To Up Your Game

While including links is saved for only verified accounts, brands are often the most easily able to be verified accounts. And while of course, too many links can be unnerving, this feature can be especially useful for brands looking to redirect traffic to their website. 


Tags are a great feature as well because you can call out and draw attention to followers or influencers who are using your product. Adding music is also a great way to add spice to your story and show what your brand is about.

5. Think Outside Of The Box

An important part of this whole thing is the artistic and creative freedom brands can have with it. What makes a big difference between Instagram stories and your Snapchat stories is that you can upload videos from your phone or camera roll without the obvious, ugly white frame.

Which means you can create animated video, text animations, edited content and more without your viewers seeing the difference. Use your creativity to stand out.


Want To Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

These are five steps you can do daily... but there is one that is the most important of all.  Make sure your brand has an Instagram account, and that you have content being posted at least a few times a week.  Instagram Stories are great at reaching a large engaged audience - but they will not allow your brand to survive on the Instagram social platform alone. 

Are you interested in learning more on how your brand can work with social media influencers? Check out our 10 social media marketing strategies for businesses and download our infographic that provides case studies, rates and strategies for success when creating a social media influencer program.

social influencer infographic guide

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