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How Latinx Youtubers Influence Other Latinx Individuals 

It can be argued that YouTubers are the OG social media personalities. Many of them have been around for years, and now have a major impact on society. They have made names for themselves and have cemented a role as a trusted voice in their perspective fields, and because of this, they are changing the social media landscape, right as we speak. 

While all social media influencers have broken barriers in their own rite, there are quite a few influencers who are continuously breaking the mold for themselves and for others, all while erasing stigmas and challenging stereotypes. Latinx YouTubers like Manny MUA, the Murillo Twins, and more, are keeping the Latinx cultura alive by building the Latinx community online, all while redefining the culture in their own words. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares the top 5 most influential Latinx YouTubers and how they've influenced Latinx individuals.

5 Influential Latinx Youtubers

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Representation of Latinx people in social media is important because everyone needs to (and deserves to) feel represented. Those that aren't represented must be given the space to make a name for themselves and for those who are underrepresented. This can only happen is we give underrepresented individuals a voice and the ability to empower themselves and others.

Now, more than ever, Latinx people are unapologetically embracing who they are and are accepting that there isn't one "right way" to be Latinx. With social media, Latinx influencers are starting to showcase the different cultures that they take part in, thus showing that it is okay to be different and to embrace the skin that you are in. All of the influencers below have wholeheartedly embraced themselves and their heritage, ensuring that their cultura runs deep!

Manny Mua 

One of the rising male beauty vloggers on YouTube, who's pioneering his way into the typically female-fronted beauty world. Manny MUA, or Manny Gutierrez, is a 30-year-old Mexican-American makeup artist and YouTube makeup influencer. He is also the founder and CEO of Lunar Beauty.

He uses his platform to embrace and empower the Latinx community. In a recent interview with HOLA USA Manny explains that "for me it's all about the constant exposure and talking about being Latino...that's really important to show yourself and be proud.” He represents those in the Latinx community that receive ridicule for not being fluent in Spanish. Latinos tend to discriminate against other Latinos and have this notion that if you self-identify as Latinx, then you must speak Spanish. Manny's primary language isn't Spanish but it doesn’t stop him from speaking his version of Spanish in videos.

Oftentimes, people in the Latinx community question their identity because of others' ignorant comments; Manny has shown that no one can define who you are and to be your own unapologetic self. He uploaded a YouTube video titled, "Attempting my first makeup tutorial in Spanish” and it encouraged and inspired those who don’t speak Spanish on a daily basis to continue learning. Being a non-fluent or non-Spanish speaking Latinx, it  can be easy to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your accent or pronunciation. However, Manny preaches authenticity and hopes anyone who watches his video will be inspired to be themselves. Manny continues speaking Spanglish and ignores that haters.  

Manny MUA

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Annie Elainey

Latinx people come in an all-different shapes and sizes, and are all deserving of diverse representation in media. Annie Segarra, better known as Annie Elaine on YouTube, is the daughter of immigrant parents from Peru and Ecuador, and is bringing visibility to her Latinx community. She has created a platform for the underrepresented groups in the Latinx community.

The 31-year-old is a queer, disable, latinx, LGBT activist that uses her channel to educate others; the more people know the less ignorant they act towards others. At the age of 26, Annie was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic collagen disorder. Shortly after her diagnosis, she started documenting her experiences and feelings. She strongly advocates for accessibility, media representation, mental health, positive body image, and LGBTQ+ rights.

In an interview with Latina to Latina, she explains “I'm a very intersectional person; I'm a brown person [and] I'm a chubby/plus size person... something I don’t get to see a lot of in media.” Because of this, she wants to be that changing voice by showcasing the the community that has had little representation. Along with that she combats the misinformation and stereotypes involving race and ethnicity. Annie finds inspiration in another queer, disabled Latina - Friday Kahlo. Her influence has created a voice for the voiceless and has brought attention to issues that many might not have known about; she’s opened a path where other people who feel they are misrepresented can also make a voice for themselves.  


Murillo Twins

They’ll have your mama, abuela and tía's all chismando about their latest YouTube upload. The 26-year old Mexican-American social media personalities, Briana and Brittany Murillo, are beauty vloggers that share makeup tips and tutorials, product reviews, pranks, family content, and travel vlogs. The twins are rising YouTubers who have collaborated with the brand, Beauty Creations, to showcase their staple makeup products. They've also launched their own merch brand, "Murillo Drip."

Their YouTube channel stays original and authentic to who they are, making them inviting to watch. The twins have allowed us to see the unfiltered reality of the average Latinx household, which is exactly why they have such a diverse audience. They normalize what most Latinx individuals go through: family drama, scandals, unconventional families, and the complex relationships within them.

Another bleak reality within the Latinx community the preconceived notion that Spanglish speakers are uncultured, and are thus made to feel ashamed. Brianna and Brittany are the self-described "Queens of Spanglish" and don't let the haters affect them or discredit their culture and heritage. Having big social media presences, both girls have gotten negative feedback for the way they speak. However, that doesn't discourage them from speaking Spanish in their videos; it has pushed them to speak Spanish more, in an attempt to erase the shame that comes with it. In fact, in order to combat the haters, they released a video in which they spoke Spanish for 24-hours straight! The twins are beyond influential in the Latinx community; they make it feel like you're not alone when dealing with identity crisis or family drama, showcasing that we all go through the same things.  


Jenny 69/Annette 69 

“La chingona que salío de Riverside” (the Bad Ass B*tch that left Riverside) broke barriers down in the "corridos tumbado" (gangster rap) genre. No matter how people felt about the song, it made waves in the Latinx community.

Jenny 69 or Jenifer Ruiz, is a 27-year-old Mexican-American YouTubers and social media influencer, who recently released her single, "Soy La 69," which helped bring narco culture even more to the mainstream. It's unusual to see a female artist singing corridos, but Jenny is paving the way for other Latinx individuals that are inspired to change the originality of corridos. Jenny is also a beauty YouTuber who shares hairstyling tips, lifestyle videos and, most popularly, her “senior life” videos, in which she takes viewers on a journey inside her life as a mother. She quickly became known for redefining what the “senior life” means to her, while combatting stigmas that the Latinx community has against mothers. She is dispelling the rumor that once you're a mother, you're entirely bound to your children. Jenny uses her YouTube and social media platforms to show that you can be a caring and loving Latina mom while still prioritizing yourself.

Jenny'younger sister, Annette 69 or Annette Ruiz, is also a YouTuber and social media personality. Her work has had a large influence on the younger Latinx generation. She made a name for herself as the "Alien Queen," being un-apolitically herself as she shares her love for marijuana and trying to erase the stigma against it.

Annette recently started an IGTV series called "Area 69," where she talks about the latest drama while smoking, trying to normalize marijuana. Annette 69 vlogs her personal life giving us an insight on her typical relationship with her Latinx mom and family, connecting her audience to her with relatable content. Jenny 69 and Annette 69 are strong Latinx women that are breaking stigmas and influencing others not to accept what's given, but to make something out of it.  

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If you're a part of the "familia metiche," you might find yourself inadvertently singing along to “como estas pinche pendeja, vete...”

Allanized, or Jose Allan Macias Perez, is a 23-year-old Mexican-American beauty YouTuber. Hailed as one of the "beauty boys of Instagram," he has been the face of Laugrem and has collaborated with SugarPop. Jose emphasizes the importance of beauty and how anyone can use it, which has helped his following grow immensely in a short amount of time.

The content he creates is wide-reaching; he caters to both the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking audience with his warm presence and by speaking in Spanglish. Typically, his videos range from makeup tutorials, mukbangs, vlogs, and more. More recently, he has adapted an IGTV talk show to live on his YouTube channel as videos and as a podcast. "Noche de Pendejadas" (Night of Bullsh*t) is a weekly podcast in which Jose invites different influencers to chat about industry drama, scandals, and the hottest chisme. In order to keep it authentic, Jose keeps his conversations in both Spanish and English, naturally jumping in between the two throughout recording. He has opened his platform up to other, smaller Latinx influencers, helping them gain a larger following quickly. He has seen that Latinx influencers aren't as widely supported in the industry, and wants to use his platform to uplift others. He is sure to make content that doesn't care to just one audience; he wants everyone to be able to enjoy his work! 



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