5 Ways to Use Your Instagram Stories to Promote Your Brand


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Boost Your Brand With Instagram Stories

Social media is constantly evolving making it easier and easier to promote your business and brand. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and their recently launched Instagram stories have become one of the platforms most popular features.  The stories are beneficial because they are quick little vlogs that you can post instantly throughout the day and get quick engagement.

As of June 2017, there have been 250 million daily users that watch Instagram stories - with projected growth of 50 million users every two months. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares 5 ways to use your Instagram Stories to promote your brand to gain more engagement and website visits.

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No Spamming

#1 Post your Instagram stories and boomerangs frequently but do not spam them.

You want to keep your audience engaged with your stories.  To do this, you want to post throughout the day, but you do not want to have your followers just skip through all of them and miss the message that you are trying to convey to them. You want to have some sort of consistency when posting Instagram stories. If you usually post 2-3 times a day for a week, you can’t lose your momentum when posting the week after because your followers will forget about you.

Behind The Scenes

#2 Post more “lifestyle” stories.

People love to see the “behind-the-scene’s” life of you brand. You want to show your followers all the insights of your company and why your brand does what it does. Having a little fun in your stories can increase engagement, whether it is posting what everyone is eating in your office, to  posting about people using your product and enjoying it. People like to see your product or work in action so letting your followers in on your culture will make them feel like they are apart of what you are doing. You want to show the lifestyle of your company because it shows an organic side of your team and it entices people to continue to follow and support you.

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Build Relationships

#3 Have more engagement with your followers.

One of the most important needs for any brand is to engage with their audience and accommodate content to what they want to hear and see. Ask your followers questions about what they want to see (and what they don’t) on your story and try to build a connection with them so they feel that your brand is genuine. When followers reply back to your story, engage with them so they feel more included. Lastly, when posting an Instagram Story, track what does well with your followers so you know what your next post will be.

Get Help

#4 Add in social media influencers on you Instagram Stories.

Having a social media influencer on your Instagram Stories can boost the amount of people who watch your story and lure more followers. People love exclusivity so having a mini interview available through your story or having an influencer take over your social media account can boost your followers - and it also exposes the influencer's followers to see what your brand is all about.

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Make It Easy

#5 Posting your link via Instagram Story.

Make it easier for your audience and link your website or any website they want to see in your Instagram Story. Talk a little bit about the website and then have them swipe up to see your link. This makes it more accessible for everyone and will increase traffic on the website.

The Most Important Thing...

Just do it!  Start using Instagram Stories and as you continue to use the platform you will learn what works for your brand, and what helps you gain more traction, engagement and growth from followers.  The more interesting your content is the more chances that your audience will refer your page to someone who doesn’t follow you which can boost your impressions and followings. 

Instagram Stories are one of the newest - and possibly best ways to more quickly gain new followers.  The platform is also great as it allows you insight to see what your audience is gravitation towards. Next time you are posting an Instagram story, consider these tactics and see your followers and engagement grow!  Read more about 5 daily tips to make your instagram story social media marketing pop!

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