6 Reasons To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Brand


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Overlooked But Not Forgotten

Often overlooked by social media teams, Pinterest is a platform that understands its small, niche user base. It consistently feeds its user base with creative ideas, creating an in-house unit of loyal buyers and sharers of content.

Many businesses and retailers alike have focused their marketing efforts to revolve around this social platform’s unique way of attracting buyers. Yet, if your brand is overlooking Pinterest, you are most likely missing out on an incredible opportunity to market your products effectively. In this blog, Hollywood Branded reveals 6 reasons to use Pinterest to grow your brand.

6 Reasons To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Brand - 1.9.23

A Powerful, Growing Demographic

Pinterest has been around since 2010, slowly gaining in popularity amidst the shadows of social media. As of January 1st, 2018, 175 million people devote their souls to Pinterest at least monthly.

It’s a female-dominated platform, with males accounting for just 19% of Pinterest’s user base and contributing to 7% of its pins. With the median age of users being 40 years old despite the majority of active Pinners actually being under 40, Pinterest proves to be a platform with an extremely broad age range.

Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is an image-based service. It records having over 50 billion pins, 1 billion boards, and 75 billion ideas. Every day, nearly 2 million people find worthy enough product-related pins to save to their personal boards. Boards are the home base that reflects the Pinner’s own unique style.

Many brands using this service focus their attention on targeting women of all ages with fashionable, art-focused content. But focus does not need to stay limited to only those topics. Pinterest is a massive platform for shareable ideas and hobbies. Obviously, there are individuals who are into other musings.

Computer programmers, digital marketers, and other white-collar employees use Pinterest to teach their respective topics, using helpful infographics and tutorials to explain their cause and vice versa.

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People on Pinterest Actually Want To Buy Your Products

Looking for loyalty? Pinterest users tend to be some of the most die-hard users of social media. Plus, the majority of users rely heavily on the platform to help inform their purchase decisions.

More than two-thirds of Pinners say they’ve discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest and a whopping 93% have used Pinterest to plan for future purchases. 67% look at saved Pinterest content while in stores. 84% say the platform helps them learn new things.

Pinterest Shopping Shoppable Links

Buyable Pins

Buyable Pins allow anyone to buy your products without ever leaving Pinterest. These Pins can be spotted from anywhere - whether that be on Pinterest, in search results, or in related Pins shared across the web.

All it takes to generate direct sales is the simple click of the “Buy It” button. Simply enable “Buyable Pins,” and the “Buy It” button will be displayed on all of your pins moving forward. This feature is completely free to use and absolutely worth the utilization.Buyable Pins on Pinterest - directly shoppable social media

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You Don’t Have To Do Anything

Good news deadbeat parents, you don’t have to be present in this child’s life. Other social networking sites are too needy, demanding your everyday attention, and can barely manage to survive on their own.  Significant time and attention are a must to drive traffic and sales.

With Pinterest, this is not necessary. Businesses can benefit from the platform with a laughable lack of effort. Simply put, businesses don’t even need to have a Pinterest account in order to reap the rewards of the platform.

An active presence is always welcome; but the platform was made for shareability, not for pushing a brand’s message. Make it easy for yourself and your customers. Add pinnable images and pin it buttons to your site, and the benefits will be soon realized. Your website visitor will be able to pin your content to their respective boards, becoming mini brand ambassadors while you sit back and drink lemonade. It’s a sweet gig.

Pinterest Users Are Unafraid Of Brand Marketing

Unlike other social media sites where celebrities are royalty, Pinterest users actually favor the brand over the face. A remarkable 83% of them, in fact, have stated that they’d rather follow the brand.

  • 73% of users said they would rather follow their favorite brand of beauty products than their favorite make-up artist
  • 67% said they would prefer to follow their favorite brand of baby products than their favorite baby expert
  • 70% said they would rather follow their favorite brand of hair care products than their favorite stylist

In an age where brands find it increasingly harder to connect to label-hating Millennials, maybe Pinterest is the solution.

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Purchasing Power

Pinterest also has a strangely acute method of attracting high-income earners to its platform.

Pinterest users on average are spending up to $140-180 per order value. That’s very impressive, especially when considering what gets spent on other social channels. In comparison,  Facebook and Twitter’s users only average around $60-80.

If you’re looking for customers who are ready to spend, Pinterest is the platform that you should be on. It’s also the perfect tool for reaching those hard-to-find customers that don’t seem to respond to traditional media.

Because active Pinterest users spend far less time on traditional media such as TV, magazines, and catalogs, your brand doesn’t need to invest in traditional advertising. Instead, try focusing your efforts on engaging with these users on Pinterest. It’s far cheaper than buying a billboard.

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Get To Pinning

Pinterest is a fantastic tool to use for your brand's or business' next marketing endeavors. Not only is it a social tool that is connected to high-income earners, but its user base is one that actually favors brands over real-life personalities. In the current age of digital marketing, that is a rare but favorable quality. 

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