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Boosting Brand Loyalty and Reach with Movie + TV Partnership

The movie industry has the power to captivate millions of people around the world and create an immense amount of buzz and excitement. By partnering with a film, brands have the opportunity to tap into this excitement and leverage it to increase their visibility and reach a captive audience. 

In recent years, we have seen an increase in co-branded campaigns between films and brands, with both parties reaping the benefits. In this blog, Hollywood Branded we will be discussing the many benefits of partnering with movies and how it can help to enhance a brand's image and reach.

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Benefits of Product Placement For Your Brand

Brands often team up with movies and TV shows as those mega content platforms help increase brand visibility and reach a captive audience in a big way. The partnerships allow brands to target a specific audience, offer unique product offerings, and create storytelling opportunities. They also generate increased social media engagement, brand loyalty, a competitive advantage, and cost-effective marketing.

  • Brands can benefit from partnering with movies by leveraging the hype and buzz surrounding a film's release to increase visibility and credibility and create unique product offerings.

  • Benefits of movie partnerships include increased brand visibility, targeting specific audiences, storytelling opportunities, increased social media engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Partnering with a movie also provides brands with competitive advantage over competitors through exclusive products while being cost-effective in terms of marketing exposure.

Brands Love Move Partnerships

When a brand partners with a movie, they are tapping into the hype and buzz surrounding the film. This not only helps the brand get noticed, but it also makes their products or services more appealing and credible in the eyes of consumers. Plus, think about it - everyone loves a good movie, right? So why not hitch a ride on that excitement and reach a huge audience while you're at it?

Some examples of successful brand-movie partnerships include Coca-Cola and "The Avengers," McDonald's and "Shrek," and Duracell and "The Toy Story" franchise. These partnerships allowed the brands to reach a wide and engaged audience, while also aligning their products with popular and beloved movies. And the results speak for themselves - increased sales and brand recognition!

So, there you have it folks. That's why brands love to partner with movies for co-branded ad campaigns. It's a win-win for both the brand and the movie, and a fantastic opportunity to reach a massive audience in a big and impactful way!

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Examples of How Brands Are Getting Product Placement And Brand Collabs Right

The partnerships allow brands to target specific audiences, offer unique product offerings, and create storytelling opportunities. They also result in increased social media engagement, brand loyalty, and a competitive advantage, all while being cost-effective in terms of marketing exposure.

Check out our 20 examples of successful brand partnerships with films and TV that have left a lasting impression on audiences. So whether you're a brand looking to increase visibility or a movie buff looking for inspiration, this blog has something for everyone.

  1. Nike and Stranger Things: In Season 3 of Stranger Things, Nike released a whole shoe collection inspired by the show as part of their partnership with Netflix.

  2. Audi and Iron Man 2: Audi provided cars for use in the movie Iron Man 2, including Tony Stark's car, seen throughout the movie.

  3. AT&T and Harry Potter: As part of their sponsorship of the Harry Potter series, AT&T enabled special features such as behind-the-scenes footage in movie theaters across America.

  4. Pepsi and The X-Files: Pepsi used product placement to be integrated into The X-Files TV series when Mulder was seen drinking a can of Pepsi during an episode.

  5. Samsung and Westworld: Samsung worked with HBO to showcase their Galaxy tablets on the set of Westworld to provide a visual connection between viewers and tech in the series.

  6. Subway and Transformers 5: Snack company Subway partnered up with Paramount Studios to make sure their products were featured in Transformers 5—The Last Knight through merchandise giveaways at sneak peak shows worldwide ahead of its release date.

  7. Microsoft and WarGames: Microsoft used product placement to get involved with WarGames by featuring their MS-DOS computer systems on screen for one full hour during the 1983 release of this classic movie.

  8. Nestle and Jurassic World: Nestle capitalized on product placement opportunity with Jurassic World by having lineups of Kit Kat bars visible throughout certain scenes in the movie and partnering up with Universal Pictures for special promotions both before and after its release date in 2015.

  9. Walmart & Netflix’s Queer Eye Series: Retailer Walmart teamed up with Netflix for Queer Eye series by being featured prominently throughout episodes, from wardrobe items to home decor shopping trips within various Walmart stores labelled “Walmart Makeover Edition”.

  10. Apple & Avengers Infinity War: Apple iPhone X was used prominently during Avenger Infinity War promotional campaigns which had characters using Facial recognition technology powered by Apple’s Face ID software system throughout certain scenes within the movie itself!

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  11. Mercedes Benz & Game Of Thrones Series : Iconic automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz’s cars have been featured throughout all 8 seasons of Game Of Thrones either being driven by characters or parked simply as background props.

  12. KFC & Deadpool 2 : Iconic fast food chain KFC has worked with 20th Century Fox Studios to make sure their products are present in every scene within Deadpool 2 using clever jokes which fans absolutely loved.

  13. McDonalds & Spiderman Homecoming : McDonald's franchise got involved with Marvel Studios' production Spiderman Homecoming by putting their signature golden arches logo on school buses featured during fight scenes!

  14. Starbucks & Ready Player One : Popular coffee franchise Starbucks made sure they had a presence in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One 2018 feature film when Wade Watts is seen drinking Frappuccino from one inside The Annex virtual reality hub.

  15. Amazon Prime & Mission Impossible Fallout : Global online retail giant Amazon Prime partnered up with Paramount Pictures for Mission Impossible Fallout where Amazon products were shown prominently along multiple edge-setting action sequences.

  16. Burger King & Black Panther : Fast food restaurant Burger King got involved with 2018 Marvel comics Black Panther blockbuster hit, showcasing both; their signature Whopper sandwich and classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich on several occasions throughout each scene.

  17. UnderArmour & Spiderman Into The Spiderverse : Sportswear retailer Under Armour worked closely alongside​ ​Sony​ ​Pictures​ ​Animation​ ​to​ ​make​ an​​ incredible​​ cameo​​ involving​​ Miles​​ Morales wearing one​​of​​their​products ​in​ ​theMovie.—Spiderman Into The Spiderverse.

  18. Coca Cola & Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of Sith : Peach flavored drink Fanta was heavily advertised throughout Star Wars' Episode 3 - Revenge Of Sith due to Coca Cola owning it since 1940's.

  19. Honda CRPV Hybrid Car & Fast And Furious 8 Franchise .Honda collaborated with Universal Studios over Fast And Furious 8 franchise releasing a hybrid version CVPV SUV especially designed for this motion picture.

  20. Canon Cameras & Skyfall Bond Movie .Famous camera brand Canon partnered up with MGM studios around Skyfall Movie , showcasing EOS DSLR cameras range extensively along side James Bond character himself...

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