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A Look At Snoop Dogg's Licensing And Endorsement Deals

Posted by Stacy Jones on November 15, 2016 at 8:08 AM

Snoop Dogg's Endorsement Deals

It is no secret that celebrities endorse many brands to be the face of their campaign if they feel like they have a connection to the products or the cause of the brand.  And in some cases, they develop licensed lines as well.  Snoop Dogg is one such example of a celebrity who does licensing - and he is probably one of the more sought out celebrities by brands of a certain ilk. 

Snoop is quite active and involved in creating his contracts and setting the terms of his deals, which vary among different industries and include fashion, food, and of course, marijuana, which he known as purveyor of, and advocate for legalization.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at a variety of licensing and endorsement deals Snoop Dogg has made with brands.

Snoop Dogg Licensing & Endorsement Deals.png

Snoop Dogg's Collaborations

Happy Socks has collaborated with rapper Snoop Dogg on a limited edition sock collection in the U.K. titled The Art of Inspiration.  The collection features three sock designs inspired by the musician and his hit songs and his forays into painting. The line was sold on the Happy Socks website and at retailers including Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and John Lewis. snoop dogg socks.jpeg

In addition, rapper Snoop Dogg teamed up with tattoo artist Mister Cartoon to build the new car care brand Sanctiond. Snoop Dogg is n equity partner in the company and also serves as a brand ambassador. The automotive brand was created by Mister Cartoon to target a younger population of car owners through the integration of music and art into car care products.The Sanctiond brand features a line of 15 products, including car wash, waxes and tire shines, each of which features artwork from Mister Cartoon. The company introduced an exclusive line of Sanctiond by Snoop Dogg products consisting of waxes, polishes, spray detailers and more. The limited edition line is designed by Snoop Dogg in conjunction with the Sanctiond team of specialists. "We have been wanting to do this for years," says Snoop Dogg. "There are no cool brands that represent our lifestyle and with Sanctiond we are excited to bring our communities together through a common love of our cars and the shine we can put on them."

                    snoop dogg car brands.jpeg

Snoop Dogg Launches His Own Weed Brand Called Leafs By Snoop

Snoop Dogg unveiled a new line of cannabis, embodying everything about the California cool lifestyle. From flowers to concentrate to edibles, Leafs By Snoop offers something for every cannabis consumer. The flower includes eight strains: four indica-dominant hybrids, three sativa-dominant hybrids and one high CBD strain. The wax and shatter are made from premium quality cannabis through a state of the art extraction method. The edibles line includes handmade, fair trade chocolate bars made with activated cannabis oil, as well as Peanut Butter Gems, Gummies, Drops and Fruit Chews. The intricate and ornate packaging is like none other as it fully encompasses the Leafs By Snoop brand inside and out.


Concentrates consist of the same strains as the flower, but are be available in the form of shatter and wax.


As for edibles, the brand offers "handmade, fair trade chocolate bars made with activated cannabis oil, as well as Peanut Butter Gems, Gummies, Drops and Fruit Chews."

Snoop hand selected the strains for their "aroma, taste, effect and bud structure." But that doesn't necessarily mean that Snoop actually owns the brand. According to The Cannabist, because Snoop isn't actually a Colorado resident he technically can't own the brand Leafs By Snoop. But with laws changing...  you never know what the regulations will be for celebrities and weed shortly.

"Leafs By Snoop cannabis products are made under a Colorado marijuana license belonging to Beyond Broadway, which does business as LivWell and will grow all of the brand’s flower and manufacture its edibles and concentrates," The Cannabist explains. Snoop has been a longtime pot advocate. In January, Mashable asked Snoop Dogg at a panel in Las Vegan if brands should take the plunge into the world of marijuana now that some states allow the use of recreational marijuana and the attitude towards pot appears to be changing in the mainstream. "Definitely," said he said at the time, "the brands are going to have to step in and do what they do."

More from Snoop Dogg's Licensed Products and Endorsements

Here are another 6 of Snoop Dogg's licensed lines, endorsements and own products launches:

sd lighter.case.jpg
Snoop Dogg Lighter iPhone 5/s Case. Sells for $36.00


The Snoop Official G Snapback can be yours for $35.00


Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer by Grenco Science. Sells for $85.00


  Doggy House Slippers $29.95

sd candle.jpg

Peaches N Cream 3oz. Candle $8.00


Snoop Dogg Official 1.25 Rolling Papers $2.00

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