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Tinx Recommended It, So I Have To Get It! 

If you are an avid TikTok user, then I'm sure you have come across one of Tinx's infamous tiny microphone chats; "rich mom" starter packs, dating advice (A.K.A her Box Theory) and food/product recommendations videos. 

Tinx always had a passion for writing and telling stories, cue the rich mom starter packs. Her previous jobs led her to where she is now, TikTok's "Big Sister." In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides a brand guide to Tinx's viral product recommendations, and how brands could benefit from partnering with huge TikTok stars like her.


Who is Tinx?

Christina Najjar, better known as Tinx, grew up in New England. She attended Stanford University where she studied English and Creative Writing. After Stanford, she went to Parson's School of Design to get a degree in fashion journalism. According to her interview on The Skinny Confidential Podcast, she moved from New York to LA prior to her TikTok fame. She didn't inform her work, then decided to leave her job after they voiced reservations about her move. 

Tinx is 30 years old. This information comes as a shock to many fans, as they perceive her to be younger. She is 30 and proud! The reason people are drawn to Tinx is because of her wise dating advice, openness about her life (especially her recent breakup), and her humorous personality.

Brands love to send Tinx products because of how influential she is to her followers. Multiple brands have gone viral following a recommendation from Tinx. Below are examples of some of the top products and items that have blown up as a result.

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Tinx Cup 

Whenever you see Tinx, you can expect to see her carrying around her Simple Modern Cup. There is nothing special about this cup, besides the fact it is an adult sippy cup. And, per Tinx, the straw makes staying hydrated much easier. Even though Tinx has personally endorsed this product, she does not get paid or have a partnership with them. She just loves it so much and wants everyone to stay hydrated with her!

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Tinx Chipotle Bowl

Chipotle is one of Tinx's favorite places to eat. She has shared this with her followers many times before. Chipotle caught wind of her love for their food and how loyal her fans are, so they did a partnership with Tinx and created her very own bowl. "The Tinx Bowl" included chicken, extra fajita veggies, fresh tomato salsa, tomatillo-red chili salsa, roasted chili-corn salsa, romaine lettuce and a side of guacamole.


DREAMS COME TRUE!! Go try the Tinx Bowl on the @chipotle app! Hope you love it as much as I love the potle forks #chipotle #sponsored

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Tinx Hot Girl Sundae - Craig's Vegan

One of Tinx's favorite spots to eat and hangout is Craig's LA. Craig's is a well-known restaurant in West Hollywood that Tinx tends to frequent. According To The Skinny Confidential, Tinx said she became friends with Craig and they decided they wanted to create a dessert that everyone could enjoy. So, the Tinx Hot Girl Sundae was born and is available at the Craig's in Las Vegas! Oh, and it's vegan too! 


if ur in Vegas go get my HOT GIRL SUNDAE at Craig's!!! #vegas #craigsla #justinbieber

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Tinx Smoothie - Erewhon Market

If you're in LA and have never been to Erewhon Market, this needs to be your next stop! Erewhon is like a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's combined, creating one of LA's most well-known and trendy grocery stores. Erewhon is the perfect LA-rich-mom hot-spot according to Tinx. Because of her love for Erewhon, she got her own official smoothie called "The Tinx Smoothie." 

Avocado Eye Cream - Kiehl's

Tinx swears by this Kiehl's eye cream and claims it helps with de-puffing and hydration. Due to her loyal and influential followers, Kiehl's decided to create a partnership with Tinx. When Tinx posted this TikTok about the Avocado Eye Cream, it received 37.4 Million views and 530.7 likes. 


Avocados! De puffing! Hydration! All my favorite things @kiehls avocado eye cream ##kiehls ##avocados ##skincaresecrets ##kiehlspartner ##kiehlsus

♬ Evergreen Fields - Tape Machines

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Ready To Work With A Influencer Like Tinx?

Tinx has stolen the hearts of many people around the world. People love her for her authenticity and personable aura. From being a freelance journalist, to becoming TikTok's older sister, Tinx is one of the most influential influencers to date. Tinx understands that people are going to judge her and say things about her content creation career, but she doesn't care. She encourages herself and others to live their best life regardless of what others say. 

Many brands have caught on to the influential nature that Tinx portrays and have created some amazing partnerships. Even custom items and products in Tinx's name have come from this. As Tinx continues to grow, spread her humor, dating advice, and amazing recommendations; influencer partnerships will continue to evolve. Partnering with a creator like Tinx can clearly take your brand to new heights.

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