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Leveraging A Kid-Friendly Film To Target Moms

You often see brands partnering with feature films by co-promoting the property.  And you know why?  Because it gets major consumer attention, and brands see major sales results in return from those fans who will buy anything that has their favorite movie associated to it.

And some of the most popular films for brands to partner with are the super family friendly (and mom-targeted) animated films. In this blog, Hollywood Branded deep dives into the brand partnerships in Incredibles 2 who have leveraged the film through their marketing campaigns.

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The Movie We've Been Waiting For

Yes, the moment we all (except maybe a few of you who we have no idea why, or how, you could possibly not love the Incredibles) finally came!

**Drum roll pleaseeeeeee*....

Incredibles 2 has undoubtedly become one of the hottest films of the year. Which was basically guaranteed out of the gate.  Why?  Well, the first Incredibles was extremely well done. Its fun and well thought out visuals made any kid stare in awe, and then when you add in the subtle deep humor that runs throughout, it makes any adult chuckle.  Which means this movie franchise transcends age, and is a hit across all demos who watch it.  With this film franchise, a five year old will enjoy the movie just as much as her 70 year old grandfather. It’s just that cool!


Now, for anything that can cross age boundaries like the Incredibles did, you can be sure that brands will be looking to piggyback off of that as much as they can. And, that’s exactly what’s happened with this film. 

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How Do Brands Partner With Films?

Brand partnerships come in a variety of different flavors. As mentioned in one of our other blogs, “An Inside Look At Indie Films and Brand Partnerships”, here are a four different options that brands have when looking to partner with a film:

  • Loaning product: Productions often partner with brands that are willing to loan product in exchange for placement, to help offset some of the high costs associated with producing a film. This is especially common for high-priced items like cars, kitchen appliances, and electronic items. At the end of the film, the product will be returned to the brand making it an extremely cost effective option for brands.  Who can then have the products sent to another production.
  • Gifting product: This option is similar to the previous one except the product isn’t returned back to the brand.  This happens most likely with large quantities of consumable products - like water for production to also drink behind the scenes.  Or it could be that the production agrees to really feature a new super hot electronic item, and asks for the brand to provide product for the cast and crew wrap party as a gift, or highly discount it for the production to purchase.
  • Cash paid to production:  Many brands who don't have marketing and advertising budgets may shy away from paid placements.  But for brands who are able to put aside a budget... this may be the best way to help guarantee exposure in a TV show or feature film. And definitely the ONLY way for  a music video.  Yes, your bank account may take a hit... but if the production is willing to accept fee-based integrations, (many don't... and trade/loan are the only options), then your brand can pay production for placement in the film. These will range from being really big partnerships, like the in your face integrations of Heineken and Bond, or General Motor's Chevy integration with Transformers.  Although both of these examples ALSO have co-promotional elements which we discuss below.  Or it could be just a few seconds of logo exposure on screen... which is long enough for consumers to recognize your brand, and the cash fee helps guarantee it is positioned with the logo face-foward, and that it makes final edit.  If you have the budget, and IF the production will take fees (prime time network TV isn't an option, nor do many on Netflix, Amazon or HBO...and others too) then this is the way to go because it’ll guarantee exposure on screen.
  • Promotions: Brands will often run promotions leading up to the release of a film, regardless of whether or not they have placement in the film. Why? Because the film allows them to wrap a marketing campaign around something that is going to earn PR, and get consumer attention. And movies are GREAT for that.  For example, McDonalds is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time for those of you that don’t care about the Michael Jordan vs Lebron James debate) at reminding children of what movies are coming out. See example below pending the release of the film Bee Movie. Now THAT's a Happy Meal that got a lot of kid requests...


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Let’s Talk About Incredibles 2 Brand Partnerships Now

Incredibles 2 did not short themselves on brand partnerships. In fact, they reportedly welcomed at least 14 brand partners, some of which received placement in the film, and others who strictly partnered on a promotional basis.

Below are the four brand partnerships that, to us, stand out the most: 

  • The Incredible Egg: The Incredible Egg is an online website from the American Egg Board that provides readers with information on eggs - including recipes and safety tips.  Their goal is to help consumers better understand the value of eating eggs, in order to increase egg and egg product purchase.  Sexy right?  But in this case... it is.  By partnering with Incredibles 2, the egg producers directly engage with moms, their core buyer.  The Incredible Egg will be building customized recipes that reflect each of the film’s main characters. 

Incredibles 2 Eggs

  • Horizon Organic: How does a milk company partner with an animated film? Quite simply actually. Horizon Organic released Incredibles 2 themed packaging which features the Supers on their 6-packs. In addition, customers were able to enter into a sweepstakes to win daily prizes and a grand prize vacation by registering online with information found on the Incredibles-themed packages.


Horizon Incredibles 2

  • Best Western Hotels and Resorts: What goes well with Incredibles? An Incredible promotion, course! In partnership with the film, Best Western Hotels and Resorts launched a promotion that allows customers to win Incredible rewards all summer.  

Best Western Incredibles 1

  Best Western Incredibles 3

Best Western Incredibles 2 

  • Zillow: This was our favorite partnership of the film. Online real estate database Zillow features the Parr family home. Fans are able to go online and explore all that their super house has to offer, as well as watch a video on their Facebook page that walks viewers through all of the nooks and crannies of the house. What a fun way to blend an animated fantasy world with our real world!

Zillow Incredibles

 Oh yeah... and some of the brands (The Incredible Egg, Bounty and Kleenex) ALSO sponsored the film's premiere party, which provides awesome branded photos that will last a lifetime... 

Bounty Incredibles



Other brands to partner with Incredibles 2 included:

  • ADT:  An Incredible security company in the United States and Canada launched a national TV commercial for the film.



  • Alaska Airlines: The airline and its regional partners fly 44 million guests a year to more than 115 destinations with an average of 1,200 daily flights across the United States and to Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica. And some of those planes were painted with Incredibles 2 artwork... 

incredibles Alaska

  • Bounty: The paper towel brand added in Incredibles 2 artwork and a sweepstakes promotion to help bring awareness to to the film at retail locations.  Plus they co-sponsored the premier party.

Bounty Incredibles 2

  • Chrysler: As part of their promotional campaign, Chrysler launched 3 TV commercials showcasing the Chrysler Pacifica and footage featuring the Parr Family from Incredibles 2


  • The Clorox Company: Clorox leveraged The Incredibles for a co-branded sweepstakes campaign.

Clorox Incredibles



  • Coppertone: The sunscreen brand incorporated the Incredibles characters on the Coppertone KIDS sunscreen spray product, plus added in-store displays and a sweepstakes overlay including an offer for a free Fandango promotional code with a purchase of two Coppertone products (over 3 oz.)  By the way brands... you get to pay for that Fandango movie ticket. You buy it at a bulk discount rate, but that is a hard cost to incorporate into the plan. 

Coppertone 2

Incredibles Coppertone

  • Frigo Cheese Heads: The brand supported the movie launch with an Incredible promotion featured on retail POS, packaging, social media and in advertising.

Frigo Cheese Heads Incredibles 2

  • Juicy Juice: The brand helped parents and kids suit up for "Incredibles 2" with an on-pack takeover and cross promotions, plus a TV spot.

Juicy Juice Incredibles



  • Kleenex Brand: Kleenex incorporated Incredibles 2 graphics on select Trusted Care bundle pack options. The cartons featuring “Incredibles” characters allowed consumers to #unmaskyourincredible with a mask on each box.

Kleenex Incredibles

By the way, Kleenex is a returning partner with Disney and Pixar, having partnered with multiple animated films over the years... check this out!

Cars Kleenex


  • McDonald’s: Incredibles 2 toys marked Disney’s return to Happy Meals. Here is a TV spot...



  • Sleep Number Corporation: With the campaign platform of "Even Super Heroes Need To Sleep" Sleep Number launched a national TV commercial. 



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Ohhh, The Power of Film

Partnerships in a film can do wonders for a brand. Not to mention, seeing your brand in a film, especially a big film like Incredibles 2is just flat out cool! When people see a brand on screen, it immediately gives the brand clout; the type of clout that makes customers want to go seek out a brand for their own use.

That’s the true power of film. When done tastefully, brand integrations in film can be a brand’s big break. Here at Hollywood Branded, we are experts at bringing brand integrations to life and can help get your brand on screen!

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